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System : ModeratorsHow to add or remove Moderators to help you manage a dating website?
System : Audio uploads
System : CommentsHow to manage comments on the site
System : CountriesManage site locations: countries, regions and cities
System : CronjobsCronjobs are useful for creating periodic and recurring tasks
System : Events
System : Field editor
System : File uploads
System : Help moduleTo add more information to the site pages, simply use Help module.
System : Info pagesHow to create new and edit the existing web pages of your website
System : Mail alertsHow to send email notifications to site users, configure SMTP settings, create email templates, subscriptions and newsletters.
System : Misc settings
System : Modules management
System : Landing pagesConnect different landing pages to your website
System : NewsHow to use RSS feeds to boost users engagement
System : Ratings
System : Referral links
System : SEO settingsGet acquainted with the Search Engine optimization settings of the Dating Pro script
System : Social networksLearn how to enable social network logins and social media buttons
Modules : Questions
Modules : Kisses
Modules : HoroscopeProvide your dating site users with zodiac signs descriptions and daily or weekly horoscope updates with the help of RSS feeds.
Modules : Polls
System : Incomplete signup
System : Uploads - SettingsHow to manage uploads settings
System : Uploads : WatermarksHow to put a watermark on users photos
System : User typesThis article explains how to create new and edit existing user types
System : Video chats
System : Video chats. Video chat options for your dating service
System : Video settingsSet up video to help your users engage more
System : Wall events
System : Widgets : Featured users widget
System : Widgets : New users widget
System : Widgets : Selected users widget
System : Widgets : Chat invitation widget
Database structure and connections
Complete Guide to Installing and Launching Dating Pro. System Requirements. Installation Instructions. Pre-Launch Checklist.Get technical support service to install the software
Configuration files
How to restore the administrator password?
Where I can find my order key while installing the site?
How to move my site from one server to another?
How can I change the logotype and a favicon of my dating site?
How to change the title of my website?
How to change copyright on my dating website?
How to change texts on the site