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System : ModeratorsHow to add or remove Moderators to help you manage a dating website?
System : Audio uploads
System : CommentsHow to manage comments on the site
System : CountriesManage site locations: countries, regions and cities
System : CronjobsCronjobs are useful for creating periodic and recurring tasks
System : Events
System : Field editorHow to edit user profile, edit the Profile options
System : File uploads
System : Help moduleTo add more information to the site pages, simply use Help module.
System : Info pagesHow to create new and edit the existing web pages of your website
System : Mail alertsHow to send email notifications to site users, configure SMTP settings, create email templates, subscriptions and newsletters.
System : Misc settings
System : Modules management
System : Landing pagesConnect different landing pages to your website
System : NewsHow to use RSS feeds to boost users engagement
System : Ratings
System : Referral links
System : SEO settingsGet acquainted with the Search Engine optimization settings of the Dating Pro script
System : Social networksLearn how to enable social network logins and social media buttons
Modules : Questions
Modules : Kisses
Modules : HoroscopeProvide your dating site users with zodiac signs descriptions and daily or weekly horoscope updates with the help of RSS feeds.
Modules : Polls
System : Incomplete signup
System : Uploads - SettingsHow to manage uploads settings
System : Uploads : WatermarksHow to put a watermark on users photos
System : User typesThis article explains how to create new and edit existing user types
System : Video chats
System : Video chats. Video chat options for your dating service
System : Video settingsSet up video to help your users engage more
System : Wall events
System : Widgets : Featured users widget
System : Widgets : New users widget
System : Widgets : Selected users widget
System : Widgets : Chat invitation widget
Database structure and connections
Complete guide to installing and launching Dating Pro. System requirements. Installation instructions. Pre-launch checklist.Get technical support service to install the software
Configuration files
How to restore the administrator password?
Where I can find my order key while installing the site?
How to change the title of my website?
How to change copyright on my dating website?
How to change texts on the site
DockerDocker-compose file to launch the entire infrastructure in Docker.