Content: Horoscope

Horoscope add-on is available for Business and Premium packages. Please visit the Marketplace if you want to add this feature to the Dating Pro Start package.

The following actions are available for Horoscope module in the admin panel:

1. Creating custom zodiac signs, editing zodiac sign description and setting up dates for each horoscope sign:

Click Edit zodiac sign to access settings.

2. Adding horoscopes manually.

Click ‘Add horoscope text’ button to open the editor:

To add a horoscope, give it a name, zodiac sign, annotation and content.

Do not forget to save the changes.

3. Uploading RSS/XML feeds:

Click ‘Add horoscope feed’, insert the link and select the appropriate language if you have several site languages.

This is what it will look like for your site members:

Check out this manual on how to edit Info pages.

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