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Hosting is the place where the website, its files and database are stored.

The main purpose of hosting is to store site data and provide tools for the operation of its internal logic (launching scripts, interacting with the database, etc.). A certain amount of disk space is allocated on the hosting server, where you can place site scripts, its content, templates, plugins and other data. The hosting server receives requests from site visitors and returns the necessary information to them.

If there are several sites on a hosting at once, each of them will have its own virtual host with its own settings and a separate directory for files, as well as SSL certificate, configured redirects, etc.

Secondly, I'll create a hosting account on our server for you and our techs will install your software! 😀

If you wish to host on another server, please share server access with us:

  • cPanel (preferably) / Plesk;

  • FTP/SFTP/SSH + database information (name, user's name, user's password).

We recommend using cPanel for hosting management for several important reasons.

  • First, cPanel is one of the most common and reliable hosting control panels, offering extensive capabilities for managing your hosting and website. It provides an intuitive interface that significantly simplifies the installation and configuration of your website.

  • Second, using cPanel greatly reduces the installation time and simplifies the process of deploying your site. It allows for easy creation of databases, configuration of DNS records, uploading files, and much more. This saves time and effort that could be spent on more important tasks related to launching your web project.

Thus, using cPanel is a preferred option that simplifies the installation process and ensures a smoother start with your online dating service.

Dating Pro provides several types of hosting services to ensure high quality services and meet the diverse needs of customers related to hosting their dating sites. The different hosting options (cloud, dedicated server, shared and shared hosting) allow you to efficiently manage your resources, optimize performance and guarantee the stability of your sites according to their specific requirements.


Shared hosting

Part of the annual update plans

Hosting type

Virtual servers in the cloud

Individual physical server

Hosting a website on a shared server

Target audience

Startups, scalable projects

Large projects, high load

Small and medium-sized projects, quick start


Choice of control panel, scalability of resources

Easy upgrades of hosting resources

One-click installation of web applications and cms on the site

Key benefits

Cost-effectiveness, pay-as-you-go

Full control, top performance

Accessibility, easy customization, security

Management and security

Choice of management, basic security

Full management, threat protection

Convenient management tools, DDoS protection

Scalability and resources

8 virtual processors, 32 GB RAM, 240 GB HDD, 20 TB of traffic

Specialized settings, high bandwidth

Easy resource expansion, storage amplitude

Unique DNS for site visibility




Physical server space




Daily backup




Daily dropbox backup. By request installation of Dropbox backup +$89/one-time

A token or access is required. Once you've done that, change your password.


Ample storage and bandwidth




Price per month




Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting refers to a type of web hosting where your website is run on a network of interconnected virtual servers. Unlike traditional hosting, where a website is hosted on a single server, cloud hosting draws resources from multiple servers, providing greater flexibility and scalability. This means that if one server is experiencing high traffic or issues, the load can be distributed to other servers in the network, ensuring consistent performance and uptime for your website. additionally, with cloud hosting, you can easily scale your resources up or down based on your website's demand, making it a cost-effective and efficient solution for businesses and individuals with varying traffic levels.

Dedicated server

A dedicated server gives you full control and exclusive access to your website, providing superior performance, security and flexibility. It is ideal for large projects with a large number of visitors that require special settings and high throughput. Unlike shared hosting, it gives you complete control, improving your site's performance. With 24/7 support, easy updates, and threat protection, a dedicated server provides a solid foundation for your project to grow.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting makes it easier and faster to set up your website online, ensuring its visibility and accessibility. The combination of hosting with domain and content makes a website accessible on the Internet.

We guarantee the safety of your website from malicious activity and DDoS attacks. By purchasing hosting, you get space on our server with a unique DNS for accessing your site around the world. Makes it easier to launch and maintain your website on the Internet by providing space for its storage and access to the network. This type of hosting is suitable for small and medium-sized projects, offering affordable and scalable solutions. You get convenient tools to manage your site, including one-click installation and protection against malicious attacks and DDoS threats.

What is 1 month shared hosting unlimited?

Web hosting services let you make your dating website accessible from all over the


Using our hosting saves you a lot of time, as it already has everything for the DatingPro script.

When you purchase any of the licenses, you get the first month of hosting for free.

Renewal price would be $12 per month. You can find more on our Marketplace.

If you fail to renew your hosting account, it will be suspended and you will have a period of 7 days to restore it. If you do not take action within this timeframe, it will no longer be possible to restore the website as there will be no backup available.

Below, we'll talk a little bit of a more «geeky» technical stuff. And if you want to make

sure everything can be installed right away and without any delay, but you don't want to

dwell on it, just skip to the next page and copy-paste the example letter to your provider

We're confident you can run our script on most of the servers, but if you want to be

Sample Email for asking your host if they support these features:

Hello Hosting Provider!
I'm interested in running some site script from and I was
wondering if you support the following features

Can you let me know?

Reliable hosting providers:

How to move my site from one server to another?

1. Copy the site files onto your local PC or archive them to later extract them in the new server.
2. Make a database dump using phpMyAdmin or another database management tool.
3. Transfer the files onto the new server (binary transfer mode recommended).
4. Give the same access permissions to the files and directories as on your old server (the list of files and directories is available during installation).
5. Create a new database on your new hosting (mind the encoding: UTF-8).
6. Import your database dump into the new database.
7. In the configuration file (config.php), change paths to files and insert new database access details.
8. Set up cron jobs.

Please make sure that your new server meets the system requirements. We cannot be held responsible for server setup errors, insufficient system resources, etc. Our team can help you transfer the site from one server to another for a small fee. Please contact us in the live chat for more info.

How do I keep from losing my site?

We understand that sometimes the original software code may be affected due to accidental mistakes made when you or your developer apply customizations to the product code, or due to some other third-party-initiated changes in the product. This may result in software errors or other malfunctions which are not covered by our free technical support and require a per-hour payment to fix.

For such cases, we now offer an additional product warranty that specifically covers these incidents. This service allows you to request technical assistance from us to restore the site's original functionality, regardless of the time it takes to resolve the issue. This additional warranty is valid for one single incident and lasts for one month.

It costs $89 and is non-refundable. Unused incidents cannot be carried over to the next month.

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