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Connect different landing pages to your website

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Landings add-on is a tool that will let you easily add and activate landing pages on your website. This add-on boosts new users registrations by creating a pool of landing pages for your target audience.

You can add landing pages to your website by uploading a special archive with the HTML files or by connecting to an existing web page, even hosted on external domains.

It is especially convenient if you use landing page builders like Tilda or Unbounce. With these services, you can run A/B tests to find out which offer is going to be the most high-converting. This way, you will be able to send your paid traffic to the best-performing pages to lower cost-per-lead and increase the conversion into registrations rate.

Log in to admin panel and open the Services > Customize your service > System > Landing pages (/admin/landings/index/)

Empty list of landings.

List of landing pages.

Click Add landing page and indicate page name, and the part of the URL where you want the landing page to be located. Please note that you do not need to type in the full address into the ‘Link’ field.

Add new landing page.

Upload the archive with the landing page files (ZIP format). The script will automatically replace site_url and site_path variables.

Edit landing page settings.

Click ‘Preview’ to see how the page will look like:

Landing page preview.

The number of landing pages that you can add is not limited.

Note 1: The archive with the landing page files should contain index.html file for the script to process it correctly.

Note 2: Check the post_max_size and upload_max_filesize directives in php.ini to make sure that they will allow the upload of your ZIP archive with the landing page files. You may wish to check the memory_limit directive as well.

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