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How to add or remove Moderators to help you manage a dating website?

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The standard setup will give you a single administrator account with all the permissions.

With the Dating Pro's admin panel  it's easy to add moderators

Moderators have limited permissions in the admin panel. Usually they are created when the administrator does not want to give access to sensitive site sections (such as Payments) to other people.

Passion version (Services > System > Administrators):

Passion version's admin and moderator settings.

Click on Add moderators in the admin panel of Dating Pro script

Submit the following information when creating a moderator: Username, Email, Password, Name, and then mark checkboxes next to the sections that will be available to this moderator.

Fill in the information about the moderator's email, Name and password

For example, we will let a new moderator check uploads, banned words and banners.

Grant moderator access permissions to specific site areas

You can always deactivate, edit or delete any moderator account. You can delete administrator accounts as well, provided that at least one administrator account remains. Otherwise, you will not be able to log back into the administration panel.

Manage administrator's and moderator's account in the backend of your site created with Dating Pro
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