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To add more information to the site pages, simply use Help module.

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With the new Stories functionality, site users will be able to quickly access and easily remember all the information your site has to offer in an attractive design!

Appeared in the Passion version, Help module allows you to place any information on any page of the admin panel and the user mode in the form of:

  • A tile/button that automatically directs to the specified page. It can be an internal link or an external one;

  • A story - a function that hosts brief information, limited in time, and can consist of several automatically triggered sequences.

Each information block of the Help module, which has not yet been viewed or has not been clicked, will be marked with a green indicator:

A green indicator shows unread Story.

How it works:

  1. If you click on the block of the Help module on any page you will see a pop-up story that will contain an image with a title and a brief description of the topic that the selected block discloses.

  2. When viewing a story with a click on a popup story you can stop the time and read it all, if there is a lot of text in the story.

  3. Switching to another story is done automatically when the time interval has passed, or via right-left arrows

  4. If a block with a green indicator remains after a story, it means that the block contains a direct link to go to another page.

  5. Each story can contain a link to the page that will be opened in a new browser tab.

How to create the blocks and stories using Help module:

  1. Choose a page where you'd like to add a Story button.

  2. Go to the page Menus settings (Services > Customize your service > System > Menus) or open direct link /admin/menu/index/ choose your page and go to [Edit menu item] .

  3. The page has a [Story] section, in which you create your information block:

Add a new Story button to an existing menu page.

  • To create a tile/button with a direct link:

    1. type in the [Name], upload the [Image], specify the [Place]. Press [Save]

      Create a tile/button with a direct link to another page.

    2. having saved the newly added block, it does not become automatically active, because you have not added a link or story. You can choose one of two options: If you fill in the [Link] field, then [Pages] becomes unclickable, which is used to create a story.

       Choose the type: [Link] for redirect to another page, or [Pages] to create the story.
    3. Activate the created information block by switching the [Status] field on.

      Enable Active status by ticking the Status box.

  • To add a story (not a direct link):

    1. leave the [Link] field empty and add the information in the popup that opens when you click on the [Add story page] button

      Configure the pop-up window of the story.

      Story page successfully created.
    2. After saving the changes, go to the page where you added the story:

To disable the information block, it is enough to remove the checkbox for the Status field and save the changes.

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