System : Video chats
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System : Video chats

Modules > Video chats (/admin/chats/index/) section of your dating site serves as a hub for integrated solutions by third-party chat providers or Dating Pro’s own video chat. More on that below.

This is the general idea: you get a chat files, upload them onto the site server, go to Services > Customize your service > System > Video chats to activate/install the chat, and then proceed to the setup.

The following solutions are immediately available:

If you choose Arrow chat or CometChat, you need to register on the providers website and purchase a license and give us access to your account. A request for integration will be sent to the developer.

A solution by ooVoo can be made available upon request.

Please note that extra costs for every chat license will apply. Contact the chat providers directly to find out the pricing details.

We offer a one-on-one video chat solution that can serve as a basis for future modifications and improvements.

It works in two modes: the one that enables users to send chat requests and accept them immediately, and the one that requires appointment of date and time, via a date scheduler.

You have the choice of activating the pay-per-second billing, or making the video chat a free-of-charge service. The person who initiates the chat will be paying, not the one who accepts the invitation.

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