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How to put a watermark on users photos

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A watermark, or a digital watermark, is an image or a text that is applied to photos uploaded by your site members. A watermark is used to prevent copy-paste of images by third-party resources that do not indicate a link to the source. Another advantage of watermarks is that they help to popularize the content owner.

You can manage watermarks in the Settings > Uploads > Watermarks section of site administration panel (/admin/uploads/watermarks/):

Click Edit button to edit either an image watermark:

or a text watermark:

By default, watermarks are not applied to the two smallest thumbnails and to the original image.


1. You can create new thumbnails and assign watermarks to them.

Go to System > Uploads > Settings > select image name > click Thumbnail and you will see the list of available thumbnail images:

Click Add thumbnail and fill in the fields:

2. Watermarks are not added to videos.

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