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Switching to Dating Pro from another dating software
Switching to Dating Pro from another dating software
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If you are switching to Dating Pro from another platform, there are several recommendations you can use to make the migration of your service as smooth as possible. In some cases, migration is straightforward, but the migration process can be complex when your store holds large volumes of data across multiple sets. The steps you need to take to transfer your service to Dating Pro depend on how your "dating store" is currently set up.

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Set up the basic administrative parameters

Before you start adding products and setting up payments, you should perform a few administrative tasks:

  1. Complete the initial setup so that your service addresses, email address, and other settings are up to date.

  2. Learn where to manage your account in the control panel. And gain access to your payment information.

Import the content and data of your store into Dating Pro

When switching to Dating Pro, you need to transfer content such as your profiles, as well as your customers' transactions, from your old platform. On this page, the term "data" refers to both content and data.

Transferring your data can take some time, so start working on the plan as soon as possible. Assess the existing data and decide what needs to be transferred. List the types of data you track on your old platform. Indicate in the list how much data you have for each amount. Examples of types of data you may want to transfer include: services, customers, historical orders (which have been executed), discount codes, pages (privacy policy, contact, and other web pages). After you have determined the data you want to transfer, you need to decide how you will be transferring this data and in what order. Here are some options you can use to transfer your data:

1 Copy and paste content from your old website.

2 Create (or hire an expert to create) an application that uses the admin API.

The options you choose depend on the developer resources you have available and the volume of data you need to move. If you need to transfer a large volume of content, you will most likely need to use an application. But don't forget about copy and paste as an option, especially when you need to transfer small amounts of content. The following table lists the different types of data and the available migration options:


Migration Options


CSV file or API

Historical Orders

CSV file or API

Pages (delivery policy, contacts, and other web pages)


The order in which you import data about your product, customer, and historical orders is important. If you need to import these types of data, you must import them in the following order:

3 Customers

4 Historical Orders

Temporarily disable order emails

The same email notifications that are triggered for new orders are triggered for the transfer of historical orders. Before you start importing, if you do not want to receive email notifications about your historical orders, disable the order notifications. This will prevent these notifications from being sent during the transfer of your historical orders.

When you disable email notifications for your orders, this will also disable email notifications for any new orders. You can still review any new orders in your Dating Pro admin. After the migration is complete, re-enable notifications for your orders.

Manually import your store data using CSV files

If you decide to manually import your products and customers into Dating Pro, you can use CSV files to import data into your Dating Pro.

Organize Your Products After Migration

It's important to ensure that all information has been imported correctly. Check for common mistakes in the transfer process.



Profiles were successfully imported but not published.

If the profiles you imported are marked as hidden, they will not be published until you activate them for your sales channels.

Imported profiles are missing detailed information.

Review the field descriptions of the profiles. Adjust them to your goals: supplement, reduce, adapt as necessary.

Failed to import some customers or orders.

When importing several customers with the same email address or phone number, only the most recent customer record containing duplicate data will be imported. You can add all the old customer profiles manually.

Make Your Website Look Great

To help you get started, a default theme is set up on the "Themes" page of your administrator account when you open an account with Dating Pro. How to add a theme for your online store:

1 You can adjust the color scheme or add a free theme from the admin panel.

2 You can purchase a paid theme from the store or through the "Done for you" service.

Set Up Your Domain

When configuring the Dating Pro service, you can either purchase a new domain or transfer a domain associated with your existing service to your new Dating Pro account.

Note To prepare for the migration of your store, you may need to disconnect any existing domains you wish to transfer from the settings of your previous platform. Otherwise, you might encounter issues with SSL certificates.

Set Up Your Taxes

Tax collection is an important part of running your business. Depending on your location, there are different tax rules that apply to your services. To ensure that your service complies with these rules, spend some time understanding the tax setup process.


  1. If your service is provided to Europe, be aware that there are rules that apply to the sale of digital products.

  2. You should consider how you plan to track your taxes throughout the year using accounting applications.

Setting Up a Payment Provider

In order for customers to make payments to you, you need to set up a payment service provider. A payment service provider allows you to securely accept credit card payments.

Place a few test orders

Now that you have set up the payment options, you should try a few transactions to ensure that everything is working. Performing a test order will help you understand the process your customers go through when purchasing your services. You can access all the orders placed by customers from the "Orders" page. You can conduct test orders for several different types of transactions:

• completion of a successful and an unsuccessful transaction

• refund and cancellation of an order

• fulfillment of an order

As you create, refund, and fulfill orders, you will see the emails that your customers receive for each action. You can edit the templates for these emails on the Notifications page.

Invite your customers to create accounts on your new site

After transferring customer data and launching, you can offer your customers to create service accounts on your new dating site. If you have many customers, you can use third-party services from the Marketplace to send out invitations.

Set up URL redirection

Redirect traffic from your old platform to your new store.

What to Consider During Migration

There are several considerations that you should be aware of when transferring your service to Dating Pro:

  • Remove Certain Protocols from Your Resources. Ensure that all the resources of your store (theme files, style sheets, or images) are always accessible by removing certain protocols, such as http: and https:, from their URLs.

  • Setting Up Redirects. Make sure that you have set up URL redirection for pages that customers might have bookmarked. This will minimize the risk of losing customers who return to the page and find it unavailable after the transition to Dating Pro.

Note You can import and export URL redirects on the URL Redirects page, which is especially useful if you need to manage a large number of redirects. To learn more about redirects, see the URL Redirection section.


a. Log in to the platform from which you are migrating.

b. Find the URL redirect section in the account settings. The location depends on the platform. If you cannot find where to add the URL redirects, contact the help center of the platform you are migrating from.

c. Enter your old URL in the from field and the new Dating Pro URL in the to field.

d. Repeat this process for all the URLs you want to redirect.

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