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How to purchase a Dating Pro plan

1. Choose the right plan for you on the pricing page.

2. Click "Buy".

3. Enter your preferred payment method.

After having received your order we contact you to confirm it. This measure is a part of our company's policy. Kindly let us know when it would be suitable for you to take a call from us and we will reach ou by the phone number you indicated in your order.

After the order confirmation we will send you a download link for the purchased product's files and assist you in installing it by leaving a list of instructions or personally.

Is there a setup fee?

There are no setup fees on any of our plans.

15 days money back guarantee. 100% Risk-Free Dating Pro.

1. Dating Pro software plans

If you are unsatisfied for any reason for up to 15 days following your purchase, contact us for a full refund. No questions asked.

2. Dating Pro Professional Services

How does it work?

  1. Dating Pro transfers money to the Customer Success Manager team only when the customer has checked and accepted the order.

  2. Split your large project into several parts. Accept in installments.

Money can be refunded:

  1. Within 1 business day if the order is cancelled by the buyer on the first day. after the start

  2. Within 1 business day if seller and buyer agreed to cancel order

  3. Within 1 business day if the order is not executed properly or completely

  4. On all the following days. Customization and design integrations services, as well as custom add-ons, require special involvement, therefore their cost cannot be returned to you.

The prices are too high

  • Check our special offers as well.

  • Installment payment? Sure, we can arrange an Installment payment option. In this case, access to the source code will be granted after full payment. Success support will be available during the first month of partial payment.

    We have a highly specialized product with a small number of clients. This is directly proportional to the cost of products and services.

What is the order delivery time?

The website can be set up within 1 business day.

However, due to payment system connections, it may take 1-5 days.

When will my mobile apps appear in the Google Play Store and App Store?

On average, it takes 5 to 30 days to have your apps approved by the App Store, and up to 10 days by the Google Play Store.

Our team manually reviews your mobile app to meet before Apple and Googles rigorous approval process. When your app is ready, our team gets your app published through your Apple App Store and Google Play Store accounts. We handle the entire publishing process for you including responding to requests, questions or rejections from the app stores.

More about CSM's workload with the order queue is described at

During the evaluation, we offer you to choose from two timelines for completing the work, considering the current load of our production in the Kanban system:

1. Your task will be completed according to the queue;

2. Your task can be completed out of turn for an additional fee for:

2.1. urgent completion without considering the queue;

2.2. custom-developed features that you want to integrate into your platform through an update. Such features are more expensive as they require additional work to ensure compatibility with other platform modules and more thorough testing. Consequently, the development of the platform is partially financed by clients paying for these features. Details on the cost evaluation of such features are provided here.

What happens after I purchase the software?

  1. Dating Pro gives you secure hosting on all plans for free for 1+ month. After that, you can prolong the period for a fee or move to your own hosting.

    If you are hosting with us — even better — we will take care of everything from the get-go. Installation is always a free service, whether you are hosting with us or not.

  2. Once your order is successfully processed and confirmed, we will create a personal link for you to download the software files.

  3. You might also find useful the installation guide and other special cases.

  4. If you are going to install the site on your own, please make sure that your server meets the system requirements. You can get all of the above information from your hosting provider and domain registrar. If you are going to need our help with the installation, we will ask you to send us the following details:

    1. Domain name of your future site (it needs to be connected to the server)
    2. FTP host, login and password
    3. Control panel URL, login and password, or another way to create/access the database
    4. Alternatively, you can give us the database host, name, username and password

Can I use my own domain name?

What ready-made feature add-ons are available from the Dating Pro Marketplace?

A partial list of add-ons is available at this link. Please check with us about specific add-ons before purchasing. Paid integration is available from any developer. The marketplace also includes themes and services, which are not included in the annual plan and must be ordered separately.

Upgrade or cancel anytime

  • Enjoy the freedom of flexible subscriptions. Upgrade or cancel anytime, no contracts, no lock-ins. Only pay for what you use when you need to use it.

  • Seven days before your next payment, you will receive a notification email about the upcoming charge with the option to cancel it.


How to upgrade

The cost calculation is based on the difference between the price of the purchased plan and the desired new plan. Pay the difference in price between your current package and the new package https://marketplace.datingpro.com/platform/expert-service/

For example, if you are upgrading from the Package 1 ($99) to the Package 2 ($499), you will need to pay $400.

How to purchase apps and services from the Marketplace

1. Go to the Marketplace.

2. Find the app or service you want to purchase.

3. Click "Buy".

4. Enter your preferred payment method.

Go to the Dating Pro Marketplace to view the whole range of features and services that our company has to offer: product packages, apps and add-ons, design templates and services, and more. Use the left-hand menu to navigate the Marketplace.


Select the item you wish to buy and click ”Add to Cart”.


You can preview your Shopping cart in the popup window above, or go to the Shopping cart directly.



To compare two or more products, click ❤ Compare and proceed to the Comparison list.


After you have made up your mind, return to the shopping cart, add your email address and click ‘Confirm order’. You will be taken to the secure payment gateway.


How to cancel the subscriptions

You may cancel your subscription in your personal PayPro Global account.

Enter your PayPro Global account: https://cc.payproglobal.com/Customer/Account/Login Your login: billing email

Your password was sent to the email that was used for the purchase (billing email)

If you have difficulties with finding your password, please use "Forgot Password" option (follow this link https://cc.payproglobal.com/Customer/Account/ResetPassword, enter your email and press on "Forgot Password" button. New password will be sent to your email).

The subscription can be deactivated in the section "Subscriptions".

If you are unable to do it, please contact us for assistance - we will do it for you.


After installation, we will send you a draft of the review about our collaboration based on the Jira card for approval to be posted on cases. It will have all your confidential data obscured. This will be a free way for you to market your online dating business.

The functions described but not included in the package cost as follows:

Why we can issue an invoice for correcting errors when customizing the Dating Pro platform for your business.

We are collecting platform bugs, fixing them, and releasing versions without them.

Wait for a few releases and report any bugs to us.

We don't aim to profit from this because we understand that it can lead to your dissatisfaction and potentially lose you as clients. Therefore, I've described a common response to this question.

Our platform has open code.

Often we receive orders from you to write additional features. These features are ordered at different times, not all at once. Our feature developers may also be different. Changes in the open source dating software code, not thought out in advance by them together, can start to conflict. It's like a house that is constantly being expanded by different professionals, and each of them has their own vision of how your feature should work. Eliminating discrepancies and errors is an inevitable additional work.

What will reduce their number:

1. Plan in advance how they will work together and describe it. When designing, aim for the metrics for which the functions are made. This enhances the understanding of the task context.

3. Be prepared for additional expenses to fix errors.

Examples of cases where companies regularly charge for error resolution in their products include

Support and Maintenance Subscriptions: Some companies offer paid subscriptions for technical support and software maintenance. This can include bug fixes, security updates, and functionality improvements. Examples include maintenance subscriptions for enterprise software like ERP systems, CRM platforms, CMS platforms. In short, everywhere where Open is used in the whole product or its parts. For instance, for integration.

Paid Updates and Add-ons: Some companies release updates or add-ons to their products that fix existing bugs and at the same time provide new features. These updates can be paid, especially if they include significant improvements or functionality expansions.

IT Services and Consulting: In the case of complex enterprise systems, organizations often turn to external IT service providers or consultants to fix errors in the systems. These services are usually paid on an hourly rate or a fixed price per project.

Support for Obsolete Software: In the case of outdated or discontinued software, some companies offer paid support for bug fixes or ensuring compatibility with new systems.

Specialized Fixes: In industries that require specialized solutions (like medical equipment, aviation technology), error resolution may require specialized knowledge and be priced as a separate service.

In these cases, it's important to note that the fee for error resolution often comes with additional services, such as updates, functionality improvements, or consulting services, not just the correction of existing flaws.

Solutions to reduce the number of discussions in disputes

  1. Pre-design (wireframes) all changes in the Dating Pro platform with open code.

  2. We maintain transparent accounting for you on the duration of tasks completed in Jira: planned time, time spent, and time remaining. 100% of the time cost estimates for your project modifications are based on: 70% for execution assessment, 25% for error correction, and 5% for additional evaluations. These are approximate proportions.

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