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How to build a marketing plan to create a dating site marketing strategy

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  1. Boost your traffic. How to maximize revenue from my audience's traffic channels with minimal expense. How to build a marketing plan to create a dating site marketing strategy.

  2. More of your free time, because our marketing promotion experts will take care of everything.

Draw more customers to your dating service!

Attract more to your apps or site using marketing tools that cover everything from planned advertising to affiliate sales.

In this article, we'll explore how marketing channels assist companies in achieving PMF and successfully launching their products into the market. PMF is when a company's product or service finds its target audience and satisfactorily meets their needs, leading to high demand and customer satisfaction. It indicates that the product meets the requirements and preferences of the market, making it successful in the marketplace.

Engage your customers on their favorite channels and platforms

When starting a project and launching a trial advertising campaign, it's more important to consider the channel where your customer segment is located, rather than the volume of traffic in it. Test 1-3 channels at most to maintain control and avoid burning through funds. It's possible you already have one.

When you'll get the traffic. It's possible you already have one.



your platforms will be searchable on Google and Bing. Your blog will cover different topics important for your target audience, which will bring them to your platform.

From 3 months

All (Apps, Web browsers, VR, Messengers)

Search engine ads

your platform will be advertised on the most popular search engines:

  1. Google Ads *2

  2. YouTube Ads

  3. Bing Ads

  4. Amazon advertising, Verizon media, etc.

From 1 weeks



CPA networks: you'll get targeted traffic from networks of affiliated sites. Examples of CTA networks we work with: trafficjunky, juicyads, traforama, exoclick, adsterra, datify, cpamatica, paysale, affmy, clickdealer, hilltopads.

From 1 week



(App Store optimization): your apps would be searchable on Google Play and App Store

From 1 months

Mobile apps


From 1 week


Messengers platforms

From 1 week



this is a special way to upload adult or prohibited content onto Google Play and App Store. We show the moderators some harmless content and only real users will see your actual content.

From 1 month

Mobile apps

AI assistant responses, for example ChatGPT, Gemini by Google, and others.

can assist in finding dating platforms by analyzing user preferences, suggesting relevant platforms based on criteria, and providing insights into user reviews and experiences with different platforms.

From 3 months


App stores (or bots) on other platforms (e.g., WeChat, Telegram, Android TV)

From 1 week



From 1 week


  1. Help wanted? Apply within for a free quote—contact sales today!

  2. Attracting traffic from marketing channels is included in the Co-founder plan. With Dating Pro's Co-Partner service, our team helps you meet your goals for visits, registrations, engagement, sales stages, and cost reduction to enhance profitability.


  • How much can I earn?

    • You can get an approximate estimate using our ROI calculator - but the ROI depends on what channel you use, so that would be only an approximate estimate.

    • You can use our tool to simulate your project's unit economics to see how much you can spend and earn.

  • How to get more traffic?

    • You can find more traffic / search volume in different marketing channels by creating your products through customer goals and the JTBD cascade of subtasks it solves to achieve this larger goal, consisting of subtasks. You will find new audiences / segments for each subtask and will also be able to offer your product to them. For example, to find the best match based on values ​​for your client, AI will create a more interesting profile based on values ​​interesting to the girl. We get 2 segments:

    1. Traditional dating and

    2. Profile enhancement through AI.

    Your client has many such jobs that need to be solved in your product. and each can be a subsegment. Here it is also necessary to improve the product.

  • How to formulate a marketing strategy?

    Start with your objective - make sure your unit economics are aligned:

    How to determine the demand in your niche? What channels are right for me? Identify where your competitors are acquiring customers. Sources can be seen through SEMrush and others. Calculate the potential volume of traffic in each marketing channel.

    How to know the cost of acquiring a customer in my niche? Through affiliate platforms.

    How to choose channels for initial tests? Rank them based on the lowest CAC, least competition, and highest profitability.

    How to reduce the CAC? Iteratively lower it with your team, tracking the Customer Journey Map and metrics. Knowing the customer's goals helps you offer a series of product solutions that address all the sub-tasks of those goals. Through the goal graph.

    How to conduct tests? Work in PDCA cycles: Plan, Do, Check, Act. To accelerate success, use the "Traction Map" tool.

  • Recommend me an SEO specialist within a budget of $500.

    We will supplement once available. Learn more about freelancers at fiver

Determine the customer acquisition cost (CAC) in your dating business at $1890 consists of $1500 AdWords budget and from $390 for services

If you are a beginner, start with AdWords advertising to determine the initial conversion metrics of your business and business model, as it is inexpensive and fast. Based on the collected data, it will be

1. Easier to explore other channels and communicate with marketers in those channels: managers in affiliate networks, agencies, or freelancers.

2. You may immediately realize what can and should be improved in the product to reduce the CAC, for example, changing the landing page or reducing the number of registration steps.

Example of a company launch plan

It is important to sequentially launch advertising campaigns in order to:

- Not to burn through the advertising budget without results much faster.

- Determine the cost of acquiring a customer in the channel to compare it with the cost of customers in other channels.

- Reinvest profits from the identified channel into expansion/testing in new channels.



Ads channel


The economics are aligned.

Profit has been obtained in the channel. The cost of acquiring a customer (CAC) is known.




















Our Customer Success Manager helps you fill the brief to create and quote your marketing strategy. We work with projects starting from $1999 , including both ad budget and our work. ~$499 of them are the cost of setting up from the table in this article.

You won't be able to get precise metrics for $500 budget: registration cost, DOI cost, customer acquisition cost (CAC). We recommend $1500. Total $1999.

Step 1: Complete the brief with our Customer Success Manager or request them to fill it out and send it to you for approval

Fill in every question you can answer right now. If it's your first ad campaign, you may leave some questions blank and our manager will contact and assist you:

  1. Links to your dating site or apps.

  2. Links to your competitors.

  3. What's the primary goal for your ad campaign? For example, I want to test Google Ads to get registrations for my dating app.

  4. Do you have existing ad accounts? If not, we'll create one for you.

  5. What is your selling offer? What are your advantages over your competitors that will help win the users over? For example, "date for free" or "powered by astrological AI that predicts your future".

  6. What are your platform's prices, discounts and special offers that we can use in the ads? For example, 50% off for the first 100 registered people.

  7. Describe your perfect users: age, gender, interests, languages, etc. For example, women aged 25-35 speaking Spanish.

  8. What are your main targeted geolocations?

  9. What service or products do you want to advertise?

  10. What are your targeted keywords and search queries you want to get promoted with?

  11. Links for the social accounts of your dating app or site.

  12. What is your ad budget? Depending on the amount, we'll recommend you the channels and keywords.

  13. What traffic channels do you plan to use? For example, Google Ads, YouTube, Bing Ads, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

  14. What platforms do you plan to advertise? For example, distribute ad budget to 40% for desktop and 60% for Android app.

  15. Do you need the help of our marketing managers to decide what channels to use to get the best return on the investment rate?
    You'll need to spend on the campaign adjustments less because we'll analyze and use your competitors' top channels.

  16. What KPI benchmarks are you planning to reach? You can specify here what CPL, CPA, ROMI you to keep.

  17. When do you plan to launch the campaign?

  18. Who will be responsible for depositing ad budget to the account?

  19. To provide you with a business proposal, we'll need your name, phone number, and email.

Step 2: We determine the cost of setting up the advertising campaign based on the questionnaire filled out by you below this table

Provided services

Budget launch

Full in-house launch

Onetime launch fee.



Company type


Multimedia + Search + Perfomance

Hourly rate for campaign adjustments.
For example: changing all the campaign's settings takes 6-16 hours.



Implementation timeframe.

1-7 days

7-14 days

Duration of the implementation.

7 hours

12 hours

Add accounts created.

You create the account yourself and grant us access through access management rights. Account creation by us is an additional cost upon request.

1 account

1 account

Analyzing your competitors through Semrush.

Not included


Creating semantic core for your project. Up to 500 keywords for 1 site or 1 app.

1-125 keywords

125-500 keywords

Setting up negative keywords that should be not used to promote your platform.



Creating ad offers and descriptions relevant to your platform.



Setting up daily budgets and bids.



Setting up retargeting campaign.

Not included


Setting up UTM parameters and firebase integration.



Setting up negative sites that should not be used to advertise your platform.

Not included


Getting consulted about your campaign goals, results and perspectives.



Setting up Google's Display Network.

Not included


Getting advised in case your ad account doesn't go through the moderation because of the niche, legal documents or other reasons.



Step 3: Following that, receive a client stream

The Customer Success Manager researches your niche, project specifications, and requirements. We then create an estimate and send it to you. For example, the initial payment is $1890. Once we come to the agreement and you make the first payment, we move to the next step.

The mindset for how this will be accomplished is described below.

roadmap for getting traffic to your dating app, site or VR platform

Depending on what both parties agree upon, we're able to provide following services:

  • We create a waterfall (Gantt) chart to visualize and set the timeframes.

  • We provide you with competent traffic managers that got payed only for results on your platform. They get payed only through escrow payment method.

  • If your project's ad budget is $200 - $3000 to test one of the traffic channels:

    • We'll run a campaign in that channel and create a simple dashboard to track the campaign results.

    • We'll communicate through our live chat, email, or over the phone with simple status updates.

  • If your project's ad budget is over $3000:

    • We'll provide you with a Customer Success Manager from SLA2 success support.

    • You'll get your unit economics calculated to provide you with a clear understanding of the project.

    • We'll send you the status updates for daily, weekly and monthly results.

  • If your project's ad budget is over $10,000:

    • You'll also get an Osterwalder's business model canvas for your project.


  • Case example: launching a Google Ads campaign for 1 website

    The work was conducted step by step Marketing Plan.pdf

    Our plan includes 6 steps for setting up an efficient dating traffic campaign for you:

    • Steps 1-4: Preparation. Here's where we determine your target group, collect information, prepare the targeted landing pages, set up analytics and postbacks, etc.

    • Step 5: Launching your campaign.

    • Step 6: Analyzing the data, adjusting the campaign for better results.

    Based on previous data, registration costs from $0,5 to $5. The price depends on several factors, such niche, market size, traffic amount, etc.

  • Will I be able to work on my ad campaign myself after you've set it up?

    Of course, if you have necessary skills or people, you can work with it easily. We keep all access data to your accounts in your hands.

  • Running an advertising campaign in a marketing channel - Is that a one-time payment, or is it recurring? How often do I need to pay?

    You can't just set it up and let it run on its own. Competitors react to your company's results and adjust their own companies. Customer trends change, events happen in the world. These changes need to be responded to in order to adhere to the set metrics in your marketing plan. Otherwise, after some time, performance will decline, and ultimately, it will stop generating profit.

    Every visitor brought in by this advertising campaign costs money. Their cost is deducted from the amount deposited into the balance. If you want to maintain a continuous flow of customers, don't forget to monitor and replenish the balance.

  • Where is it more profitable to launch advertising?

    In the channels where most of your customers are. By analyzing competitors, you can find out where and how much they spend to acquire customers. Marketers with experience in these marketing channels will be best able to assist you.

  • How to set up the campaign. How much to pay. How to monitor it? What conclusions to draw?

    Use the educational materials provided by the platforms that operate in these channels.

  • What commission do you charge additionally from the budget?

    We charge from 0% during CAC tests. Up to 10-30% commission for achieving
    1. the target CAC cost from different customer channels and
    2. the target monthly traffic flow achievement.

  • Get started with a sample marketing plan in Google AdWords channel

    • Marketing Plan.pdf
      The plan includes 6 steps for setting up an efficient dating traffic campaign for you:

    • Steps 1-4: Preparation. Here's where we determine your target group, collect information, prepare the targeted landing pages, set up analytics and postbacks, etc.

    • Step 5: Launching your campaign.

    • Step 6: Analyzing the data, adjusting the campaign for better results.

Any questions? Contact us.

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