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How to modify SEO titles and other SEO information
How to modify SEO titles and other SEO information
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The script has flexible interface and allows you to have different SEO titles, description, keywords and etc on different pages.

In order to change the titles, you’ll need:

1. Go to the admin panel -> system -> SEO settings

2. Here you can see two options – Admin mode (for admin panel) and User mode (for User’s index page)

3. Clicking on User mode allows you to freely set up the SEO texts for index page of you site

4. In order to change the SEO texts on other inner pages of the User end, go back to the SEO settings -> Advanced SEO settings -> Modules settings

5. Here you can see a number of modules available on your site in the drop-down menu

6. In order to change all titles, you’ll need to go through all modules you see in this menu.

For example, let’s take the Search page of the user end:

  • Choose “Site users management(users)” module in the drop-down menu

  • Then find search page and click Edit settings

    Here you can change SEO texts for the chosen page, including Title you see in the tab of your browser

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