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Find date : Mailing lists

How to manage newsletter subscriber lists

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Mailing lists section controls the various subscriptions of your users. You can create news, entertainment, announcement, or special offers newsletters and manually subscribe users to them.

Log in to your admin panel, then go Services > Find date > Mailing lists to manage the subscriber lists:

Click on the Filters expand button to access menu:


Use Filters to speed up the subscribers lists management:

Subscription: Select the subscription you want to operate with.

Users data: Sort the users if you need to.

You can save the filter by clicking green button Save filter for quick access to the set of users. The saved search will be available at the Filters tab above the section.

In the example below, there are two saved filter criteria:

  • by user type (female only)

  • by registration date (newsletters will be sent to users who registered from a specific date)

Saved filter criteria for quicker access to the list of subscribers.

The users can be added to the selected subscription by:

  • clicking Subscribe button

  • selecting the checkboxes and clicking Subscribe selected

  • clicking Subscribe all if you intend to send newsletters to all users

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