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You can activate and manage maps under Services > Find date > Geo maps (/admin/geomap/index)

The maps functionality is used to search for people in the People near me section:

Intergrations with Google Maps and Yandex Maps are available:

Yandex Maps runs without obligatory registrations. Google Maps requires application key to operate.

Get key button leads to the developer console of the corresponding map, where you can register and generate the key sequence for your website.

Click Map key or choose from the right dropdown menu and fill in the field.

Click Setup in the right dropdown menu to enter the configuration of the geo map.

Each geo map has its own number of parameters which can be altered.

This is the example of the Google Map settings:

In the lower section of this menu you can view the default map, which will change according to your selected parameters (e.g. zoom).

We plan to enable viewing user’s location on a map, from user’s profile. Let us know your thoughts!

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