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iOS and Android mobile apps requirements

Prerequisites Guidelines for Mobile Apps Creation

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Requirements for apps to be published in App Store and Google Play

In order to create the iOS and Android applications for your dating website and to submit them for approval, we require the following:

1. Access to your developer accounts:

2. Icon sets. You can create them here:

3. Access to the following extra services:

4. Application name (30 characters for iOS and 50 characters for Android app)

5. Description (please make it as eloquent as you can to convey your message. For iOS application, you need to create a qualitative and unique description of the application's features, what makes it stand out)

6. Keywords (for iOS app)

7. Support URL

8. Marketing URL

9. Privacy policy URL

10. Default language(s) and appropriate translations of the text content

11. Contact information of the app owner (your first name and last name)

12. Your email address

13. Your contact phone number

14. Test user access to your site (login and password)

15. Background photo of the main screen

16. Fill in the agreements:

After you provide us with these details, we will generate the applications and submit them for approval.

The estimated time period before approval and publication:

  • Google Play — up to 3-4 weeks

  • App Store — up to 3-4 weeks

In this article you will find more information on the process of getting your app ready for publication in the App Store.

You can preview your app in the App Store using StorePreviewer tool.

Also, according to new Apple policy, you have to do these steps for publishing your iOS app:

1. Have a business account to manage your app and its publication (i.e. not for an individual person, but for a business).
2. Set up unique functionality in the app. The app should offer a unique experience for users.
3. The content of the application must fully match the description.
4. The description should explain how the app's functionality and the app itself offer a unique experience.
5. A unique design is desirable so that there are no similar applications in the store.

Important note 1: Google Play and App Store have the right to reject an app if any of the provided data is invalid or needs additional checks.

Important note 2: Please make sure that your app does not look exactly like any existing app. Otherwise, the Google Play or App Store team may consider your app a copycat and decline it on the ground of copyright infringement, and your developer account may be suspended.

Important note 3: Our mobile apps are written in Kotlin (Android) and Swift 5 (IOS).

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