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Publishing apps to the Play Store happens in the Google Play Console

Create a new app.

When publishing an application using the Dating Pro team, the first thing you need to do is to grant access permissions. When authorizing directly with account data, in most cases two-factor authorization is required and the publishing process is delayed.

  1. In the All apps menu, create a new app or grant access (described below)

    1. To do this, fill in the App name,

    2. select the default language.

    3. In App or game select App.

    4. Free or paid choose what is required (usually Free).

    5. In Declarations, check all checkboxes.

How to grant access to another account

  1. To grant access to the account/application to other users, go to the Users and permissions menu and click the Invite new user button

  2. In the form that opens, enter the email address of the user's Google account .

  3. Optionally, in the Access expiry field, you can specify the date when access will expire.

  4. In app permissions, you can select the applications to which access is granted, or leave it empty, then there will be access to all applications in the account.

  5. Account permissions should specify the access level. It requires either Admin or all permissions in the Releases and Store presence sections. An invitation to join will come to the entered soap.

Other settings

On the Developer page, you can add information about the developer (optional)

  • In Setup > Email lists, email accounts are filled in, from which the application will be tested. To do this, click Create email lists, enter the list name and email address.

  • In Setup > License testing, accounts are set from which purchases can be tested.

  • The License response field indicates the status of the purchase (leave RESPOND_NORMALLY)

Filling in information for the application

For a new application, the dashboard will have items with a list of steps that you need to go through

Privacy policy section.

Enter a link to the privacy policy


Mark that the application contains ads

App access.

Mark that some sections need access and add an instruction to enter with demo data

Content ratings.

  1. In the first step, specify your email and select the category Social or Communication

  2. On the second step

    1. Which of the following would best describe the app - Social

    2. Is the primary focus of the app to connect people for the purposes of dating or sexual relationships or endeavors? - Yes

    3. Does the app permit the public sharing of nudity? - No

    4. Does the app permit the public sharing of real-world, graphic violence outside of a newsworthy context? - No

    5. Does the app share the user's current and precise physical location with other users? - No

    6. Does the app allow users to purchase digital goods? - Yes

Target audience and content.

Target age выбрать 18 and over

Sensitive permissions and APIs

Does your app access location in the background in APKs or app bundles targeting Android 9 (Pie) or older (SDK level 28 or lower)? - No

News apps

Is your app a news app? - No

COVID-19 contact tracing and status apps

My app is not a publicly available COVID-19 contact tracing or status app

Data safety

  1. At the first step Overview just click Next

  2. At the second step, Data collection and security, specify Yes everywhere

  3. At the third step Data types we mark both checkboxes in Location.

    • Personal info check Name, Email address and Other info.

    • Messages mark Other in-app messages.

    • Photos and videos check both checkboxes.

    • App info and performance check all checkboxes.

    • Device or other IDs check the checkbox.

    • At the Data usage and handling step, for each field, go to Edit and mark the necessary checkboxes.

    • For email, select the Yes, this collected data is processed ephemerally radio button

    • For analytics and logs, we also check the Shared checkbox

    • Preview Finishing

Store presence section

Main store listing

  1. fill in the name (up to 30 characters)

  2. short description (up to 80 characters)

  3. and description (up to 4000 characters) of the application

  4. loading icon (512x512)

  5. promo image (Your feature graphic must be a PNG or JPEG, up to 1MB, and 1,024 px by 500 px)

  6. video link (optional)

  7. Phone screenshots

    • Upload 2-8 phone screenshots.

      Screenshots must be PNG or JPEG, up to 8 MB each, 16:9 or 9:16 aspect ratio, with each side between 320 px and 3,840px, To be eligible for promotion, include at least 4 screenshots at a minimum of 1080 px on each side.). tablet screenshots (7-inch tablet screenshots, same requirements as for phone, you can download the same screenshots as for phone), tablet screenshots (10-inch tablet screenshots, same requirements as for phone, you can upload the same screenshots as for the phone).

  8. If the app supports multiple languages, you can add translations.

Custom store listings

Do not fill in

Store listing experiments

Do not fill in

Store settings

App category - select type (App), category (Dating), fill in tags (keywords)

Store listing contact details

complete your contacts

Select countries and regions

In the Production menu, select the Countries / regions tab and specify the countries where the application will be located (usually all are selected)

Translation service

Do not fill in

Store performance

Do not fill in

App pricing. Specify the price for a paid application. As a rule, applications are free of charge

In-app products.

  • Add goods for Recharge and services. The list of items should also be added to the In-app Billing settings in the site admin (Online Dating Site and Dating App | SoulCompanion.NET , Online Dating Site and Dating App | SoulCompanion.NET )

  • When creating a new product you must specify its

    • ID (unique string without spaces and special characters),

    • product details - product name and description (you can add translations),

    • set the price, taxes (I do not fill)

    • save and activate.

  • In the admin area of the site you need to add a new product for Android and specify the Product ID value in the SKU field. If it is Replenish account, then specify the amount by which the account will be replenished. If it is service, then select service (in this case the cost field is not used).

Subscriptions. Create Subscriptions

  • As for consumable products, specify Product ID and Name

  • Add plans (by period). Specify period and cost

Monetization setup. Copy Base64-encoded RSA public key and give it to the developer

Select testers.

  • The Testing > Internal testing menu, the Testers tab.

  • Check the lists of testers (if not already added, then create). On this tab for the specified testers you can get a link to join the internal testing (if uploaded)

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