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Firebase tools to improve applications and grow your business
Firebase tools to improve applications and grow your business

How to make a dating app

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Tools from Google for building app infrastructure, improving app quality, and growing your business

  • Login to the Firebase console

  • Create a project for the application.

  • Just like in google play, you can also grant access to firebase to other google accounts. To do this, go to the project settings and select Users and permissions

  • Select add member

  • Specify email and role: Owner or Editor

  • An invitation to join will be sent to the entered email address.

  • Add a new app to the project. Select Android.

  • Specify a Package Name (usually the reverse domain + app, e.g.

  • Register, download the google-services.json file, and give it to the developer

Setting up authorization via Google account

  1. Open the Authentication menu. Select Google

  2. Specify an email address and activate it. Copy the Web Client ID and give it to the developer.

Setting up authorization via Facebook

  • (How to create an app at to be able to log in through facebook read here)

  • Copy the App ID in the app settings and give it to the developer

  • Set Display Name, Icon (1024x1024), App domains, Contact email, Namespace, Privacy Policy URL, Terms of Service URL, Category (Social network & dating), User data deletion

Specify Site URL

  • Click Add Platform and select Android.

  • Select Google Play in the Google Play store.

  • Get key hashes from the developer and specify in the field

Create a new release

In Production or Testing > Internal testing on the Releases tab, create and upload a new release (you need to get a build before you do this).

App integrity

  • After downloading the build, you need to go to Store > App integrity and copy the SHA-1 certificate fingerprint value

  • This value should be added to the app's settings in Firebase

After that, the production version of the application can be sent for validation

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