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Push notifications in IOS & Android. Setup instructions
Push notifications in IOS & Android. Setup instructions
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At this stage we have implemented 4 pushups.

Clicking on the push opens the application itself, not the module screen associated with the received push

  1. from the admin interface, the pushes settings section

  2. from the chatbox (provided the recipient is not online)

  3. someone visited your page

  4. your friend signed in

Pushies work in native apps. In hybrid and pwa: android in default browser, iOS if safari is allowed to send flushes.

Instructions for setting up push notifications (Firebase)

Just click on buttons as on the screenshots (sequentially)

On the page add a new project via Add project

  1. Fill in the field Project name -> Continue

  2. In step 2 of 3, the switch for Enable Google Analytics for this project must be turned on

  3. On the last step, select Google Analytics account and Create project

    1. and Continue

  4. Realtime Database - creating a database

  5. Cloud Firestore - also create a base

  6. Authentication (if you need authorization through social networks in applications)

Add Firebase to your web app

  1. Register app

  2. Deploy to Firebase Hosting

  3. Firebase Admin SDK

  4. Rename the downloaded file to gaccess.json and copy it to the 1st level of the site root folder (SITE_PATH)

    Cases all firebase settings in firebase-messaging-sw.js file in root folder

  5. Web Push certificates

    Firebase service Key = Server key

  6. Firebase Web Push certificates from firefox Key = Key pair ( Cloud Messaging -> Web configuration)

  7. We transfer all data to the admin panel

  8. add to file application\views\flatty\img\favicon\manifest.json sender id Firebase messaging sender ID: (from admin panel) in the gcm_sender_id field in double quotes

    1. in the gcm_sender_id field


Could you recommend an easy-to-use builder for push notifications?

We like the builder in

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