How to send newsletters to site users?

You can send newsletters to site users by creating a newsletter template, and setting up a mailing list.

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The Dating Pro script allows you, as admin, to send one or several different emails to all or chosen group of users in a form of subscriptions.

First, you’ll need to create a template of your future newsletter. Go to the admin panel -> content -> mail alerts -> templates and create a new one.

After it’s done

Go to the last tab of this module: “Subscriptions” and click “Add subscription”.

Here, you’ll need to use the new template we’ve just created:

After the subscription is created, you need to add users. Go to the content -> mailing lists.

Click on the arrow to unfold the filters and choose your new subscription.

Here you can also sort users based on gender, location, name, registration date and email address.

After you choose the specific group of users, select them all and hit the “Subscribe all”

Great! Everything is ready now.
Go back to Mail alerts -> subscriptions and click Start button

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