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How to update to the latest script version?
How to update to the latest script version?
FAQ on dating script update, prices and checklist
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It is a general rule that our customers are entitled to receive free update packages within 12 months after the initial purchase.

After the 12 months are over, you will be able to receive updates (new product versions) according to the Dating Pro’s upgrade policy.

For the next year, the cost of the update is equal to the cost of the chosen license minus a 30% discount. It will not only give you the newest product version, but will prolong your right to receive free updates for one more year.

If you purchased the license more than 2 years ago, the price of the update equals to the cost of the chosen license.

For the most popular products, we develop special upgrade scripts that apply the changes in file structure and database tables automatically.

For different reasons, upgrade scripts may not always be available. In this case, extra manual work will be required to update the files and the database, keeping all your site info intact. Be prepared for extra charges.

Please note that upgrade script can only take into account standard setup. If you ordered any customization changes, design template modifications, etc., you will most likely need to have these changes manually restored, for an additional fee.

Of course, you may wish to have the newest version of the software product installed instead of your older site version, without keeping any changes, any users database. A fresh installation will be free of charge as part of the service.

It is possible to have the new version installed afresh and have your old database of users imported into the new site. There are numerous other options as well. Please address our Customer Service team for free quotes and recommendations.

Things to consider before you start the update

If you previously ordered any custom work, design changes, or template integration, these changes will probably be lost. To save your changes, please consult our Customer Service team. Extra fee will apply.

Either way, we recommend that you make a full backup of both your site files and database.

Then download the upgrade script (if available) and follow the upgrade instructions that are posted in our blog or helpdesk on this website.

Upgrades should be done from version to version, consecutively. Say, you have July 2012 and wish to update to February 2013. And let us say that between July and February there have been two more releases, September 2012 and December 2012. You will need to run the July 2012 -> September 2012 script first, then September 2012 -> December 2012, and only after that December 2012 -> February 2013 upgrade script.

If you had additional changes and are not sure of the outcome, you may perform the upgrade in a subfolder to your main domain to do proper testing before going live.

Please make sure that during the upgrade your site is not publicly available, that it does not accept any new visitors and does not let existing members in.

Reason: every action that your members take on the site is recorded in the database, for example:

  • sending a message in chat

  • sending an email

  • updating profile info

  • uploading new photos and so on

When the upgrade starts, it only works with the database version that was up-to-date the moment the work started. All further changes will not be transferred onto the newer version of the site. To add them to the site, extra work will be required.

We can help you do the upgrade for an additional fee, be it with or without ready upgrade scripts. Contact us to receive a free quote.

After-update checklist

User interface
a. Sign up as a new user.
b. Registration fields are in place.
c. Locations dropdowns in the search form and in create/edit profile form
d. Uploaded files display (photo/video/audio/banners/info pages)
e. Test files upload
f. Check general settings (e.g. mailbox counter for new messages)

Admin panel
a. List of the site members
b. Memberships, membership payments and access permissions list
c. Site design management section for the design themes and colors

Frequently asked questions

Q: I bought the script in September 2022, and you release the new version in August 2023. Will I receive the new version for free?
A: Yes, because August falls within the 12 months limit.

Q: I bought the script in May 2021. What is the newest version that I can upgrade to?
A: The newest version would be May 2022. No matter when you get back to us, in a month or in 5 years, the 12 months rule still applies.

Q: I bought the script 1.5 years ago. What discounts can I have if I want to upgrade?
A: You can have the new version of the software with the update cost equal to the cost of the chosen license minus a 30% discount.

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