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Modules : Gift store
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The module is present in packages up to Oasis 2022

Modules : Gift store setup

Among the functions of the gift store you will find: creating and editing store items, uploading video and photo files, creating item parameters that depend upon your specific requirements. Say, if you plan on selling shirts or shoes, you will likely need such parameters as size, colour, and material. If you are going to be selling flower bouquets, it only makes sense if you indicate the sort of the flowers that you use for an arrangement, colours, and types of packages.

You can also specify the delivery terms and conditions and only indicate the shipping methods that are convenient to you. All of the above editing is available directly in the administration panel. More on that below.

Your site members will be able to view items and add them to their shopping cart. They will be able to order for themselves or pick a person, another site member, who they wish to send a gift or gifts to.

The potential recipient is asked whether s/he wants to receive a gift at all. If the answer is yes, they are prompted to indicate their address where they would like the gift to be sent. The address is only visible to the site administrator who will manage the delivery. It is not visible to the person who makes the gift – the sender. So the privacy is safe here.

It is only after the confirmation from the part of the recipient that the sender can pay for the gift and for the delivery.

Site owner/administrator is the person who will be handling the shipping issues, either on their own or by engaging third-party services such as DHL, or FedEx, etc.

This is what the admin section of the Gift store looks like:

Let’s get to the initial setup. You may want to start with the parameters of the items.

Click ‘Edit parameter values’ to get to the list of parameter values:

Click ‘Edit’ to edit the selected parameter and add the description (multiple languages are supported):

This is what the parameter description will look like in the user mode, appearing on mouse-over:

Once you’re done here, proceed with creating categories of store items:

Go to ‘Form fields’ to get to activate some of the parameters that we created earlier for this particular category:

Now we are ready to start creating the store items. Go to Gift store > Items > Add item (/admin/store/product/):

A single item can belong to several categories but let’s select just one for now:

Once we’ve selected a category, we see the extra fields that come from this category’s assigned parameters:

Make your choice and save the changes. You will be taken to the page where you can upload photos and a video file to be displayed on the item page:

This is what it will look like in the user mode:

Now that you are done creating store items and uploading the media files, there are some more settings to take care of.

First, go to Settings (/admin/store/settings/) to select the GUID for the shipping terms page:

View this article for more information on how to manage info pages.

One more thing before you can start your sales. Go to Shipping (/admin/store/shipping/) to manage the shipping methods info:

Creating a new shipping method is quite straightforward. Location options match the countries that are installed on your site. For more information on how to add and manage countries, view this article.

If you have any questions about the Gift store functionality, come to chat with us!

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