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Modules : Gift store. How do I order a gift for myself or for someone else?
Modules : Gift store. How do I order a gift for myself or for someone else?

Attract attention of the person you like with Gifts and Merchandise

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The module is present in packages up to Oasis 2022

One of the reasons people give each other gifts is because it's the version of the 'language of love'. Attention is one of the best and most generous gifts we can give—to ourselves and others.

Go to the Gift store, select a gift or gifts that you want to order, then add them to shopping cart.


Proceed to checkout by selecting items from the cart:


If you order for yourself, you will be asked to indicate your shipping address:


If you order for another person, click Change recipient to select the person you want to send a gift to. You can search by name or select from the list of friends:


After that, to finalize the order, you need to agree to the shipping terms and wait for the recipient to accept or decline your gift offer.

The recipient will receive an email into the site mailbox and will be able to either indicate their shipping address or simply decline the gift offer:


If Kelly clicks ‘please indicate your shipping address’, she will be able to do just that.


After that you can go to Gift store > My orders > Pre-orders and complete your order by paying. You will be asked to choose between delivery options into the country that Kelly has indicated. You will not see her full delivery address, only the site owner/administrator will.

The owner will manage the gift delivery and keep you informed of the progress.

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