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Communication : Money gifts. How to send money gifts or gifts of membership
Communication : Money gifts. How to send money gifts or gifts of membership

How to Use Money and Memberships Gifts to Grow your Membership Business

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Websites based on Dating Pro script let site members to send money and membership gifts.

Gift of membership is about site members paying to send each other memberships/VIP statuses as a gift. Money gifts functionality lets site members send money gifts to each other.

This is how it works. A person opens the Donations section in their account on the site:

User's personal account on a dating site

Then they select a site member who they want to send a money gift or a membership gift to, then confirm the transaction, and it’s done.

PG Dating Pro: Send money gifts

PG Dating Pro: Send a gift of membership

It is also possible to send a money gift/gift of membership to a person right from their profile page:

The recipient will receive a notification and will be able to accept or decline the gift offer.

When the sender confirms the transaction from the internal account, the cost of the gift (plus commission) is ‘frozen’ on their account. If the recipient accepts the gift, the money is deducted, and if the recipient declines — the money returns to the sender’s account less the commission.

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