Analytics : Reports
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Analytics : Reports

Whenever your site users encounter anything they find inappropriate, they can report it. The list of objects subject to reporting includes: user profiles, comments, uploaded files, and posts on the walls.

Access the admin panel and go to Services > Customize your service > Analytics > Reports (/admin/spam/index/) to manage this section.

Types of content

  • ‘Content’ stands for the website objects that can be reported

  • ‘Form type’ defines whether reporters will be asked to submit comments or not

  • ‘Send email’ enables email notifications to the site admin when a report is submitted

  • ‘Status’ enables or disables reports for this type of content

Click Edit type to modify the content report settings.

Form type can be either Button or Select+Message

Button type means that the report will be sent immediately, without the option to add comments/explain the reason for reporting.

Select+Message type brings up the report form, when the link is clicked. Here user can select the reason of reporting and post a comment.


Reasons for reporting are only relevant if Select+Message report type is used.


Enter the email where the reports will be sent if Send email option is enabled for content types.


This section stores the reports from the site members.

The reports are sorted by the content type, so it is easier to manage them. Click Show report to view the details of the report and decide what to do with it.

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