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How to set up currency on your dating website?

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Currency is one of the most noteless site settings, but nevertheless it is important for the correct operation of payment gateways.

You can manage your dating site currency in the admin panel > Services > Orders > Site currency (/admin/payments/settings/).

Select the currency from the list or create a new one.

List of currencies available for your website.

To create a new currency, give it a name, abbreviation, and select decimal separator, groups separator, decimal places and currency format. Do not forget to save the changes.

Create a new currency by giving a name, abbreviation, and set up other parameters..

Currency rates tool is here to help you convert the money on people’s accounts into another currency, should you decide to change the site currency.

‘Automatically updated currency rates’ means that the rates will be updated by cron.

Important note:

Only one active currency can be used on the site. If you are interested in offering your users a choice of currencies, contact our team at sales@pilotgroup.eu.

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