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How do I modify the main page of my dating site?
How do I modify the main page of my dating site?
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Right after the installation, the main page of your dating site built with PG Dating Pro will look something like this:


You may want to change the logo, the texts, links to mobile apps, main banner picture, and smaller pictures. We will tell you in details how you can do that.

1. Logo


A logo may be a picture (‘pleasure’ theme) or a plain text (‘honey’ theme).

Follow the link to change the logo article

2. Main banner picture and other pictures

You can change the default home page background image in the admin panel.

Please see the video:

Please remember to adjust the main banner picture for different viewports. You will need this picture in several sizes. Open directory /uploads/themes-fixed/honey/images (or /uploads/themes-fixed/pleasure/images if you are working with the ‘pleasure’ theme), and repeat the sizes that you see. Give your new images the same names as the current main banner picture:


The same rule applies to the rest of the images in this directory.

3. Texts
You can edit the texts that you see on the main page directly from the administration panel. Log in as admin > go to Content > Languages > Pages > and in the drop-down menu select start (User and Admin index pages):


4. Links to mobile apps

Open directory/application/modules/start/views/flatty and in the file index_honey.twig find lines 127-130 and lines 176-179.

Edit the ‘href’ values here, for example:

<a class=”btn-getapp btn-getapp_black btn-getatpp_android” target=”_blank” href=”“></a>
<a class=”btn-getapp btn-getapp_black btn-getatpp_ios” target=”_blank” href=”“></a>

If you only have an iOS or an Android app, remove the spare icon and the link by removing the corresponding <a> code.


5. Copyright

For information on how to change the copyright at the bottom of the page, visit this manual: How to change copyright on my dating site.

Please let us know if you have any questions or improvement ideas, or would like us to add more information to this manual.

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