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How to enable Google Sign-In on my website?
How to enable Google Sign-In on my website?

Let your dating web app users sign up/login with Google accounts

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Please follow these steps to let people authorize on your site with their Google accounts.

2. Create a new project:

3. Go to the Library > Google+ API > enable Google+ API.

4. Now go to OAuth consent screen and insert data about your site:

4.1 If you need to change the logo, then be prepared for the fact that it will have to be verified by Google.

5. After that, return to Credentials and generate an OAuth client ID:

6. You will be asked to indicate the following information:

Dating Pro software: Activate Google Sign-On

7. Copy the OAuth client ID and client secret:

8. Insert client ID and client secret in your site’s control panel under System > Social networks > Google > Application (/admin/social_networking/application/3/):

9. Finally, click the No button to initiate the connection:

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