User types are what people describe themselves and their partners with, as in ‘I am a woman looking for a man‘. You can create as many user types as you wish and give them any names.

To do that, access administration panel and go to Content > User types > Add option (/admin/properties/property/user_type).

PG Dating Pro: User types editor

We’ve added one more user type to illustrate the idea:

PG Dating Pro: User types editor

This is how it will look like in the user mode, during sign up:

and in the search form:

After you have added all the user types you need, go to Content > Languages > Datasources > pick Properties management in the drop-down list (/admin/languages/ds/1/13) to get to edit the names of your user types in plural and in accusative case—if that is applicable to the languages you are going to use.

PG Dating Pro: User types editor



1. You can translate the names of user types into all site languages.

2. If you delete a user type, all existing members who selected this option during registration will no longer be visible in search. If you decide to create a new user type, unattached members may get into this new category automatically, if the user type IDs match. That is why it is important that you create all required user types before you start accepting new members to avoid possible confusion.

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