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Dating ecommerce funnel in Conversion funnel. Dating Pro app's categories.
Dating ecommerce funnel in Conversion funnel. Dating Pro app's categories.
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This articles depicts why we created and placed our categories exactly in such order for:

We've unified categories dating e-commerce and conversion funnels to get new Dating Pro categories:

  • Find people to date (42 add-ons)

  • Customize your dating service (21 add-ons)

    • Billing system (40 gateways)

    • Themes (143 design templates)

    • Languages (12 packages)

  • Bring in customers (17 add-ons)

  • Find dates (10 add-ons)

  • More matches (18 add-ons)

  • First messages (28 add-ons)

  • Communications (10 add-ons)

We believe a dating service has 2 types of consumers:

  1. Dating Pro Service Owner (DPSO) – owner who purchased Dating Pro platform for dating business.
    Their main goals are:

    • To show value for an online dater and help them to find their potential soulmate and then lead them to meet in real life;

    • To get profit through online dating service in chosen niche.

  2. Dating Pro Service User (DPSU) – is a customer of DPSO.
    Their goals are:

    • To find a perfect match, i.e. they're expecting great number of matches;

    • For some of DPSU, to reduce time spend on searching for soulmates by purchasing paid serviced.

In order to achieve these results, we developed a dating funnel, similar to "sales funnel" in e-commerce. It consists of stages which have to be met to achieve the DPSO and DPSU goals.

Moreover, the success for each DPSO depends on the number of people that come through each of the stages.

All services and add-ons in our Marketplace and Roadmap apps are connected with categories depending on what funnel stage they help DPSU and DPSO reach:

  • Find people to date - a dating service is like e-commerce store that should have “goods” that are interesting for DPSU.

  • Customize your dating service – options and settings to launch a dating platform in different channels (web, iOS, Android, iWatch, Smart Tv, etc.). Including but not limited to:

    • Billing system.

    • Themes.

    • Languages.

  • Bring in customers – how to attract DPSU from different channels.

  • Find dates – help people start matching on your dating platform. It wouldn’t work without features like registration, profile creation, etc.

  • More matches – help your DPSU to increase the number of their mutual likes and matches.

  • First messages – help the users to get or to write the first messages after being matched.

  • Communications – about messaging between users, where they’ll be able to arrange a date in real life and overall have more means to communicate between each other.

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