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Guide to Setting Up Twilio, CCBill with FlexForms, Stripe, and Accepting Payments Online
Guide to Setting Up Twilio, CCBill with FlexForms, Stripe, and Accepting Payments Online
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How To Setup Twilio

Log in the Twilio console: and copy Account SID and Auth Token:

In order to access your Twilio console, please navigate to <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer"></a> where you can copy your unique Account SID and Auth Token.

Specify them in the SMS Verification settings of your admin panel https://site.example/admin/sms_verification/index/

Please provide the details of the SMS verification in the settings from your administrative panel.

Go back to the Twilio account and select Explore Products in the right-hand menu:

Explore Products button.

Open Messaging option and click Start Sending Messages:

If the service does not yet exist, then click Create service:

Begin setting up Messages by doing the following steps

1. Set the service name Messaging Service friendly name and specify the purpose of the service Select what you want to use Messaging for - Verify users

Go to next step.

2. Select the Sender (the phone number to send SMS from) by clicking Add Senders

3. If you do not possess a number already, it is necessary for you to purchase a Twilio number. Follow the link provided.

Choose the one you like and buy it.

Add the selected number to the service.

Please specify the countries in which you want SMS messaging to be available.

4. Add a phone number in the admin panel and enable text messaging:

Configuring CCBill / CCBill with FlexForms

To connect the CCBill payment system to buy a membership group, you need to do the following steps:

  1. In the CCBill account, create a form in the same way as shown in the screenshots (All > FlexForms > FF payment links. If you customize via FlexForms, one form is enough, because prices change dynamically.):

2. Be sure to check the box so that prices are taken from the site:

3. In the admin panel insert the form ID and Is FlexForm: true

How can I start accepting money online via CCBill?

CCBill is a popular payment provider that offers solutions for both adult dating and mainstream dating websites.

In order to get started, you can purchase an integration service in the Marketplace, or you will already have CCBill included in your package starting with PG Dating Pro Liebe, version 2018.12. You will also need to create a merchant account with the CCBill payment gateway.

After that, please follow the instructions from this detailed manual: CCBill DatingPro Module Setup (PDF).

The manual includes information on how to configure your CCBill account, create a new billing form (FlexForms or Standard Forms), and activate this payment option on your dating site.

Setting up Stripe

To connect the Stripe payment system to buy a membership group, you need to do the following steps:

  1. On the Stripe website, under Biling -> Products, add the group as a product

When creating a group, we use the GUID that is specified for the group on your site

2. After creating a product, add periods

3. If possible, put the GUID of the membership in the unit label, but you don't even have to specify it. The main thing is Pricing plans.

Be sure to specify the ID in the form [guid membership]-[period in days]-days.

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