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How to change copyright on my dating website?
How to change copyright on my dating website?
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Copyright is a text at the bottom of the site. It contains the information about intellectual property rights and is a very important part of creating your site brand.

This is how the copyright text looks like in the user mode:

And in the administration panel:

Our company provides you with an opportunity to place your own copyright at the bottom of your site. This is how you can do that.

I. For version Kilig and above, log into your site’s control panel and go to Services > Customize your service > System > Copyright ( and you will be able to edit the copyright text in three places, in all the site languages:

II. For version Jewel and below, you will need to access the source code and follow the steps:

1. Connect to your site files by FTP.

2. To change the copyright for the user interface of the site, go to file /application/views/flatty/footer.twig.

3. To change the copyright for the administration panel of the site, go to /application/views/admin/footer.tpl.

4. Replace existing copyright info with your own copyright info (highlighted in bold below).

User interface


{%if DEMO_MODE %}{{ demo_copyright }}{% else %}[copyright]{% endif %}

Administration panel

{if $DEMO_MODE}{$demo_copyright}{else}[copyright]{/if}

Special cases:

1. In order to edit the copyright on the landing page of the responsive design theme in the Dating Pro software, go to /application/modules/start/views/flatty/index_pleasure.twig and edit line 197:
Site created using <a href=””>PG Dating Pro</a> — powerful dating software. <a class=”btn btn-sm btn-secondary” href=””>Get started</a>

2. If the changes do not take effect immediately, try deleting temporary .php files from directories /temp/templates_c and /temp/twig/compiled. Warning: Do not delete any other files (.html, .htaccess) from these directories.

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