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What is a 100,000 site members database with the Dating Pro network? API description.
What is a 100,000 site members database with the Dating Pro network? API description.
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Dating Pro Network is a community of independent dating site owners who engage into site members exchange, while managing their own site payments and services and keeping sensitive information secure.

Joining the Dating Pro Network will let you boost the members’ activity on your site and upload from 10,000 to 100,000 users on your site.

To connect to the Dating Pro Network, access your administration panel and go to System > Network (/admin/network/index/).

1. Make sure that your server meets system requirements.


2. If everything is ok, you will see the ‘Get access info’ button. Click it and proceed to select parameters for your website and members that you want to accept from the Network.


Most parameters open in a pop-up window:


The min and max age depend upon min and max age limits on your dating website.

3. Click Save after you are done and you will see the Network key that will have been assigned to your domain.


You can decide to store the users photos on your server. It means that the photos that belong to the Network members will be uploaded to your server and may take up space. If you leave this checkbox empty, the photos will be drawn from the Network servers. Your site users will see no difference.

4. Finally, scroll to the bottom of the page (/admin/network) and make sure that the connection is started:


If it’s not, click Start or come to chat with our Customer Service team.

Network API


In the archive you will find configuration file, classes and methods required to connect your dating website to the Dating Pro Network. Instructions are available in the readme files.

Download the archive here:

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