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What features are there in the mobile version of my dating site?
What features are there in the mobile version of my dating site?
Fully responsive mobile version of your dating web app
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With the PG Dating Pro software, you can give your users multiple ways to access your site from different devices.

There are mobile apps for the Android and iOS devices, the site’s design is fully responsive, and there is a mobile version of the responsive site that opens and gives access to the most important site features.

This is what people can do when they use a mobile version of your dating site:

  • Create an account and sign in.

  • Sign in with social networks.

  • Edit one’s profile and view other people’s profiles.

  • Upload photos and view other people’s photos.

  • Talk to people in the one-on-one text messenger.

  • Add people to favourites and send friendship requests.

  • Play the LikeMe game.

  • Pay for membership and paid services from the internal account. (In order to add money to the internal account, the user will have to visit the main site though).

  • Blacklist people and report them to the site’s moderation team.

This is what the user’s mode looks like in the mobile version:

You can have the design of the mobile version rebranded with your own logo and styles.

Please note: mobile version is not an application and can only be run in a (mobile) browser. It is, however, used as a basis for the hybrid mobile applications for both the iOS and Android platforms.

Contact us for more details.

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