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Closed for the holidays. How can I put my website under maintenance?
Closed for the holidays. How can I put my website under maintenance?
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Although Dating Pro does not have a "Vacation" setting, there is a way to temporarily close your service to the general public.

Maintenance mode message is a way to tell your website visitors that your site is not available for some reason.

For example, it may be undergoing an update or design changes.

This is how you can enable the under maintenance mode:

1/ Create an HTML page that explains what is going on, gives a time frame for completion and alternative links to visit.

2/ Upload the HTML file into the root directory of your website.

3/ Open the .htaccess file (available in the root directory), insert the following lines at the very beginning of the file and save the changes.

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/$ [NC] RewriteRule ^(.*)$ yourfilename.html [L]

Every attempt to access your site, even using the control panel links, will bring a visitor to this page.

This is an example of an HTML webpage that you can use and modify to your liking (source):

Under maintenance message for your dating site

You can use the same method to advertise the upcoming launch of your dating website.

By displaying a friendly ‘under maintenance’ or ‘under construction’ message, you can establish your brand and explain your mission, and show people that you care about their experience.

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