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Dating Site System Requirements Plan (Example)
Dating Site System Requirements Plan (Example)
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The project plan is 100% real with slight modifications to ensure the safety of the intellectual property of the Client

1. Platform requirements

1.1 Design requirements
The design of the site should follow the color schemes created by the Client. The logos, colors, fonts and graphic elements, provided by the client, should be used in the design.

1.2 Display requirements
The site should be accessible and displayed properly on the following internet browsers:

  • Internet Explorer;

  • Mozilla Firefox;

  • Google Chrome;

  • Opera;

The site should also function properly on mobile devices (phones, tablets) with iOS, Windows, Android operating systems.
Displayed content should be optimized for mobile phones, tablets and follow current UI/UX standards.

1.3 Content requirements
Upon request, the Client provides graphic elements, as well as comments regarding their content, volume, design, and placement.

1.4 Page layout requirements
The site’s page layout should allow page to automatically adapt their scale based on the screen width.
Such layout is provided through the responsive design of the fonts. blocks and other page elements

2. Site structure

General structure:

  • Main page

  • Profile page

  • Personal user account

  • Term of use page

The site will have 2 types of users:

  • clients (registers, goes through verification, fills in the profile, sends or confirms date or travel invitations, participates in auctions, purchases items in the shop);

  • administrator (confirms and verifies users, controls additional settings and prices).

3. Phase 1 – Signing up and logging in

3.1 Sign up

Users should see an option to register and sign in on the main page.

Upon clicking “Register” users will see a pop-up with the following information:

  • Title: Do you want to buy a date?

  • Subtitle: On our site, you can do it in 1 click!

  • Mobile phone field: consists of two sub-fields: first is country code with the country flag, second is an input field with phone mask e.g. 999 999 99 99

  • Button «Send SMS» – becomes clickable only after the reCAPTCHA verification is passed successfully. The system sends a 6 digit code to the user’s phone (Twilio system is used to send messages).

Button «Resend verification code» – sends a new code to the user’s phone

User password

  • Repeat password field

  • Login field

  • E-mail field

  • Your gender field

    Birthday field consists of 3 parts:

    • Day – drop-down menu with 1 to 31

    • Month– drop-down menu from January to December

    • Year– list of years is limited to current year subtracting 18 (e.g. for the year 2019 the list starts at 2001 and ends at 1901)

  • Checkbox where users tick to agree with Privacy Policy and Terms of use

4. Phase 2 – Verification

Right after successful registration, the user is redirected to the verification page.

The user is already registered on the site, but right now the profile is visible only to site administrators. Other users don’t see it.

The verification page can be skipped and will be displayed every time the user logs in.

4.1 Partial verification

When the user chooses this type of verification, the page consists of:

  • Title– Partial verification

  • Subtitle – To get verified you need to take a photo. On the photo, you should have a sheet of paper with today’s date and the name of the site.

  • Button «Take a picture with webcam»

  • Button «Upload photo»

    After the verification, the administrator receives a message that a new user is registered.

    If the admin approves the user, he can access the search page. The message is also sent to the mobile phone “Your data is verified. Now you can proceed with filling in your profile”

    If admin declines the user, an SMS is sent where the user is asked to go through verification again.

    4.2 Full verification

    When the user chooses this type of verification, the page consists of:

    • Title –Full verification

    • Subtitle– To get verified you need to take a photo. On the photo, you should display the ID or driver’s license, as well as a sheet of paper with today’s date and the name of the site.

    • Button «Take a picture with webcam»

    • Button «Upload photo»

    After that, the process is the same as in partial verifications.

    5. Phase 3 – Buy a date

    Every site user has a button “Buy a date” on their profile page.

    When clicked, users will see a pop-up window:

    • Title: Buy a date

    • The price of the date with this user is set up by this user himself.

    • Other users can suggest a different price for the date

    • Date calendar for the current month

    • Field “Choose place” – where a user indicates where he wants to have the date

    • “Who pays” field (paid by the inviting party, 50×50, each for himself)

    After the request is sent, the user who is being asked for a date receives an SMS notification.

6. Phase 4 – Auction

If the user launched an auction (he/she needs to indicate the following: start date, end date, minimum bid, who can bid (male, female)) then on the profile page a new block is displayed:

  • Title «AUCTION»

  • Countdown timer

  • Last bid value

  • Button “Make a bid”

After the auction ends, the user who placed the highest bid receives SMS notification that he won the auction.

The user who launched the auction receives a notification as well with the nickname of the user who won.

7. Phase 4 – Hide from friends

In profile, the user can have a tab “Hide from friends”. On this page, the user can indicate phone numbers of the people he wants to hide his profile from.

The administrator can make this option a paid one.

8. Phase 6 – Shop

The user can order gifts with delivery. After clicking the “Shop” button in one’s profile, the user sees the shop page which consists of:

  • Field “City” – the value is automatically taken from this user profile

  • Field «Gift category» – shows all categories available in the chosen city: flowers, sweets, fruits, etc.

After the category is chosen, the system displays several gift listings (photo, description, price, delivery costs, field “Add a note for the date”)
After the user has chosen a gift, the administrator receives a notification.
He contacts the recipient, learns the delivery address and delivers the gift.
After that, the sender receives a notification with photo proof of successful delivery.

9. Phase 7 – Trip

A user can invite another user on a trip together.
Upon clicking “Trip” button on invitee profile a pop-up is displayed:

  • Title: Invite on a trip

  • List of all countries

  • List of cities from the selected country

  • Departure dates: from xx.xx.xxxx to xx.xx.xxxx

  • Number of days in the trip

  • Price of the date (set up by the invitee)

  • “Who pays” field (paid by the inviting party, 50×50, each for himself)

When the invitation is sent, the invitee receives an SMS notification.

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