Q: Will I have exclusive rights to the customized product after you are done with changes according to my tech specs?

A: In accordance with License Agreement and Customization Development Agreement, you will own the rights for the modifications in the code. Original product code will remain exclusively in the ownership of the Pilot Group company.

Q: After you have modified the code of PG Dating Pro, will the PG Dating Pro upgrade be still available? (new release, minor release, etc.)

A: You will still be entitled to obtaining a new version of the product, either for free within 12 months after initial purchase, or for additional fee, after the 12 months period expires. However updates are done automatically and will most likely override all customization changes in code and design. That is why manual update is recommended. It is quoted extra.

Changes in site content (language files etc.) and database are usually saved. Please contact Customer Support team for more information.

Q: Please also tell me additional price for [module] and its implementation.

A: Prices for ready modules or add-ons can be found in the Dating Pro Marketplace.

Installation of a ready module is part of the free support service. You are welcome to contact your personal manager for more information.

Dating Pro’s Customization team (Experts team) can help you create a new module, according to the specification you provide.

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