To build a website you will need both a domain name and web hosting account.

Domain name

Firstly, we need the following:

- a registered domain name you'll be using for your site;

- access to your domain registrar account to link it to our server.

Alternatively, you can link the domain yourself by changing the DNS (domain nameservers) to the following:



Web hosting account

Secondly, I'll create a hosting account on our server for you and our techs will install your software! 😀

If you wish to host on another server, please share server access with us:

  • cPanel / Plesk (preferably);

  • FTP/SFTP/SSH + database information (name, user's name, user's password).

System requirements

  • PHP 7.2 or higher

  • gd2, iconv, mbstring extensions for PHP

  • PHP database extensions: pdo/mysqli/mysql

  • MySQL 5.1 or higher

  • XML support

  • ionCube PHP Loader v.5 and above enabled on your server (for encoded version)

  • mod_rewrite library and support of .htaccess files with RewriteRule attribute

  • Cronjobs/scheduler support

  • ffmpeg utility should be installed (required for video thumbs, video duration, etc.)

  • shell_exec should be allowed

  • Web servers: Apache, Nginx (extra setup may be required), IIS (extra setup will be required)

  • Server OS: Unix, Windows

  • Android: 4.0 and above; iOS: 6.0 and above

Important note 1: If you are using nginx server, make sure the following directives are turned on:

  • proxy_buffers 8 16k;

  • proxy_buffer_size 32k;

Dating Pro Network system requirements

  • pcntl and posix extensions for PHP

Video chat requirements

If you plan to have a WebRTC video chat added to your website (RocketChat, PG Video Chat, Janus, etc.), you will need a VPS, a virtual private server. Consider solutions by GoDaddy, Hetzner or DigitalOcean. The most basic configuration will do.

Make sure you pick the server location in the position central to most of your site’s members for better and faster connection.

Requirements to support a large user base

If you plan to import a database of profiles from your previous website, calculate the size of all files. To avoid reaching a limit on the disc space or allowed number of files, consider going for a virtual private server (VPS) as well. See, for example, GoDaddy, Hetzner or DigitalOcean. The required space will be your database size plus a minimum of 20GB for the website to work properly.

With VPS, you will be able to expand easily as your database grows.

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