What is it about?

We want to help you learn more about your dating site users and visitors, engage them by using curated messages at the appropriate time and place, receive feedback and offer support.

To do that, we offer you integration with a popular customer communication platform Intercom.io.

What does it do?

The Intercom system can collect three types of information about your site users:

1. Standard attributes like name and email, city and country, time zone, device, operating system, the day they were first seen and last seen on your site, and so on.

2. Custom attributes can refer to the number of photos users uploaded, the number of messages they sent and received, and how many times they paid for premium membership.

3. Events can include different kinds of activity, for example, purchasing a paid service, sending a virtual gift, etc.

We can help you create custom user attributes and events. This is the list of events that we added into the basic integration:

-new registration
-uploading profile photo
-visits to other site members’ profiles

You can have this list expanded to include such events as visiting paid services page, adding items to the shopping cart in the online store, completing payments, and so on. Please contact us for recommendations and estimate.

What is the cost?

The basic integration with the PG Dating Pro is free.

Intercom also gives you 14-days free trial run. After that, the pricing rules will apply.

How do I get started?

Let us know if you would like to start using Intercom and we will add it to your dating site.

After that, create an account on the Intercom website. You will receive access to the web interface where all data about your customers will be collected. Go to App settings > API Keys > Create Full Access API Key, then get back to us with your app ID, API key, and API secret.

The ‘Marketing’ link in your admin backend menu will point to your account at Intercom.

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