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Dating Pro manuals : Setup Dating Pro platform
Dating Pro manuals : Setup Dating Pro platform

Setting up and customizing your dating website using admin panel

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Find people to date : Network & API
Orders : Access permissions
Orders : Banner ads
Orders : Billing systems
Orders : Currency settings
Orders : Services
Orders : Special offers
Analytics : Reports
System : Audio uploads
System : Moderators
System : Comments
System : Countries
System : Cronjobs
System : Events
System : Field editor
System : File uploads
System : Help module
System : Info pages
System : Incomplete signup
System : Mail alerts
System : Menus
System : Misc settings
System : Modules management
System : Landing pages
System : Languages
System : News
System : Ratings
System : Referral links
System : SEO settings
System : Social networks
System : Themes
System : Uploads - Settings
System : Uploads : Watermarks
System : User types
System : Video chats
System : Video settings
System : Wall events
System : Widgets : Featured users widget
System : Widgets : New users widget
System : Widgets : Selected users widget
System : Widgets : Chat invitation widget
Modules : Associations
Modules : Companions
Modules : Questions
Modules : Gift store
Modules : Instant Messenger (IM)
Modules : Kisses
Modules : Horoscope
Modules : Polls
Modules : ShoutBox
Find date : Geo maps
Find date : Mailing lists
Find date : Nearest users
More matches : Birthdays
More matches : Bonuses
More matches : LikeMe
More matches : Moderation
More matches : Virtual gifts
Dating ecommerce funnel in Conversion funnel. Dating Pro app's categories.
Communication : Contact Us
Communication : Gift of membership
Communication : Money gifts
Dating channels : Apps
API description for the Dating Pro Mobile apps
Database structure and connections
Can I try the software? How to get trial to install on my server
Complete Guide to Installing and Launching Dating Pro: System Requirements, Installation Instructions, and Pre-Launch Checklis
Configuration files
How many site members does Dating Pro support?
How to modify SEO titles and other SEO information
How to change copyright on my dating website?
How to restore the administrator password?
How to enable Facebook login on my website?
How to change a favicon?
How do I publish my iOS dating app in the App Store?
How to update to the latest script version?
How can I change the logotype of my dating site?
How to change a domain name?
How to change the title of my website?
How do I activate Google Maps on my dating site?
How to add regions and cities to 5 default countries
How to send newsletters to site users?
How to change texts on the site
iOS and Android mobile apps requirements
Is my site 100% open code?
Payment systems
Pre-launch checklist for your dating website
Where I can find my order key while installing the site?
What are custom add-ons?