You're here because you bought or planning to buy a Start package for $1.

A Start package is a solution that helps you to launch your own dating site under your own brand name, domain name and on your own hosting service.

To launch the Dating Pro site you'll need:

  1. Purchase any of our packages, for example, the Start package for $1.

  2. Get a domain name from a Domain Name Registrar. There are a lot of them, the most popular are: Godaddy, Hostgator,, or NameCheap.

  3. Rent a hosting account. You can get one from us, for $9 per month or purchase it from any other hosting providers: Godaddy (Web Hosting Plus or higher), BlueHost (Plus plan or higher) or any other hosting servers that meet our System Requirements.

  4. Someone to install the software on your hosting server. You can do it yourself following the Installation Instructions. You can also hire our Technical Support team and address them any help requests for an entire month.

  5. Adjust the texts, images, colors and settings of your site following the guides in our Help Center.

What DOES Start package for $1 include:

  • 13 add-ons for converting visitors into users.

  • 26 add-ons for user engagement and retention.

  • 12 add-ons for converting into paying customers.

  • 2 payment gateway integrations.

What DOESN'T Start package for $1 include:

  • Free hosting space. You can rent it either on our hosting or find a 3rd party hosting provider.

  • Free domain name. You can buy it from the domain name registrars mentioned above.

  • Free support services. You can follow the guidelines in our Help Center or subscribe to our SLA Support service.

  • Free product updates.

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