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Why crowdfunding in apps in future releases is necessary:

  • We, as the Dating Pro product team, want you to make money in the dating business. Our options are limited, so we're raising funds for feature add-ons through crowdfunding.

  • The amount of each discount is proportional to the number of participants. There are discounts for the full cost of development from scratch: 50% - for 2 participants, 66% - for 3 participants, and 75% - for 4 participants.

  • All apps in future releases involve the Dating Pro Product Team as a sponsor. We take part in your bill using our ready-made Dating Pro products: licenses, add-ons and apps from the Dating Pro Marketplace. The cost of custom expert work does not participate here.

  • Dating Pro Product Team develops the apps in future releases: from concept to testing and launch. We do it as if it were for ourselves.

  • All crowdfunding participants will be the first to get the apps. And only then it will come out in updates, possibly in a changed form.

Timeline. How do I pledge?

1. Gathering ideas

Не нашли в списке то что вам надо ? Пришлите ее описание и мы быстро определимся с ее статусом для совместного участия. Сейчас наша цель приблизится к лидерам дэйтинга. Мы стараемся копировать их проверенные решения.

The Dating Pro product backlog is constantly collecting ideas for versions of our dating software on all platforms. We select the best ones using the RICE scoring and we publish them in our Marketplace describing:

  1. What value the feature brings to the user and to the platform owner. How it works. How the admin manages it. Or describe it more briefly: a video of how it works, a description from the documentation, and bloggers' opinions.

  2. An approximate cost. We will do the exact estimate upon your request, as this is a resource-intensive process.

2. Gathering you for participation in

  1. Here in the feature card we invite you to join the telegram channels for sponsors: there we publish the feedback on the feature characteristics and coordination for participants.

  2. Dating Pro weekly email digest and

3. After you contacted us about participating in one of the crowdfunding projects

  1. You'll get to know your Customer Success Manager.

  2. We'll decide whether you're ready to start now or we'll wait to get more participants.

  3. When we start, the funds are blocked on your card until you accept the project. If necessary, we'll launch the project on

  4. Sponsors

    1. pay the contribution in money.

    2. Dating Pro Product Team - we contribute the cost of ready-made licenses and apps from the Dating Pro marketplace. With no discounts on expert work.

How contributions are calculated:

For example, you want to launch a project estimated at $7900:

  • Dating Pro license for $2900.

  • "Chat Operators 2302" from Apps in future releases for $5000.

Here, there are only 2 crowdfunding participants:

  1. You

  2. Dating Pro Product Team

Where is the promised discount? You pay $5400:

  1. $2500 as 50% of $5000 for Chat Operators feature.

  2. $2900 for the Dating Pro license. And from this amount we deduct $2500 to the product team to develop the Chat Operators feature.

$5400 from $7900 is 68%. Or 32% discount on your $7,900 order consisting of:

  1. Dating Pro license for $2,900.

  2. "Chat Operators 2302" feature from Apps in future releases for $5000, paid by you and the Dating Pro Product Team,

4. Developing and transferring the finished feature to your platform

  1. We code the feature and keep you informed about the the process.

  2. When it's ready, we install the ordered features on your site and apps.

  3. After that, the money is unlocked and debited from your card.

  4. You use this functionality as you see fit.

Introduction to Dating Pro product team

Frequently asked questions:

1. I haven't received my reward yet

When we start a crowdfunding project for new features, setting an estimated delivery date is a requirement. However, this should give us a date to aim towards, rather than an assurance of when backers can expect to receive their rewards.

Remember, the estimated delivery date is an estimate, not a guarantee.

As a first step, we’d recommend checking the estimated delivery date for the specific feature that you selected, to see what month our Product Team had hoped to ship. You can also check the pledge details to see if we have set a status for your reward.

When our Product Team is facing a delay to their estimated delivery date, we would communicate these setbacks and keep your backers in the loop.

You can always request a new update via our live chat.

2. Can I cancel a pledge?

While a project is still live, you can cancel your pledge by visiting our live chat and requesting to cancel your pledge.

Remember, a pledge can only be cancelled while a project is live. If the project has ended and pledge collection has started, it is no longer possible to cancel.

Additionally, it is not possible to decrease or cancel a pledge during the last 24 hours of the campaign if doing so would drop the project below its funding goal.

3. Will I get a discount on my license?

If you're ordering any features from our Roadmap you're entitled to receive a $2000 discount on your Dating Pro license, which brings its price down to $499 for a dating site with apps.

Apps in the future releases - is what Dating Pro will be like across all platforms, aimed at improving the performance of your dating business.

Contact us for a free demo on apps in future releases crowdfunding projects.
The demonstration takes place in a format convenient for you (Telegram, Zoom, Google Meet) and takes no more than 10-15 minutes. What's included:

  • We'll show how it all works;

  • We'll discuss what features suit you and how we can create new features for your project specifically.

Crowdfunding Projects: Rules and Guarantees

In order to support the crowdfunding project of your choice in the Dating Pro Marketplace, select one of the licensing options and click ‘Back this project’ button to make the payment.

Pilot Group Ltd as the author of the projects is fully liable for their outcome. If we do not collect the necessary amount by the project expiration date, we will return you the money you paid within 5 business days since the project expiration date.

Q: How do I stay informed of the crowdfunding progress?
A: You can keep track of the project on the project page in the Marketplace or subscribe to the news by clicking ‘Remind me’ button. We will send a reminder to all subscribers, and an email to all participants the day after the project expiration date.

Q: How and when will I receive my app/website?
A: After we collect the necessary amount, we will take time to develop and test the app/website. After the testing period is over, we will deliver the files and help install or activate your product.

Q: How will you know how to deliver the files to me?
A: We will collect your contact information from your pre-order.

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions along the way?
A: Contact us by phone, by email, or in live chat. More information here: Contacts page.

Q: Can I cancel my pre-order and return the money prior to the expiration date?
A: Yes, please send us an email to sales(at) We will return your money within 5 business days since we receive your email. Please note that we may have to deduct up to 5% as commission, depending upon the payment method.

Q: How will you return my money if the project does not reach the necessary amount?
A: We will send your money to your PayPal account or by wire transfer. If you prefer other options, please inform us by email sales(at) Up to 5% commission may be collected by the bank or the payment gateway.

Q: What are the licensing options?
A: The licensing options are as follows:

Ordinary license

You receive a single copy of the software product that can be used on one server with one database and an unlimited number of domain names.

You may use the open code of the software product for personal purposes only: for making modifications in the software product or adding necessary functions. Selling, licensing, giving away or otherwise distributing the open code of the software product in full or its scripts (parts) is prohibited.

Commercial license

You receive the open code of the software product and can use it for personal as well as for commercial purposes. You can sell or otherwise distribute the source code and the software product under your own brand. We keep the right to sell the product in our marketplace under our brand.

Exclusive license

You receive exclusive rights to the license. It means that we will develop the software product according to your requirements, including both features and design specifications. These options, features and design, will never be repeated for other customers in the same way.

You can use this software product for any purposes under your own brand.

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