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How do I connect landing pages to my dating website?
How do I connect landing pages to my dating website?
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With the PG Dating Pro software and the Landings add-on, you can connect as many fancy landing pages to your dating site as you want.

Landing pages for your dating website

Landing pages will help you:

– segment your audience and address each of the segments with a unique selling point,
– use lead magnets and other conversion tools to convert visits into registered users,
– improve your SEO and establish your brand mission.

There are two ways you can connect a landing page to the site.

  1. Create an HTML page and upload it as a ZIP archive.

  2. Use one of the popular landing page builders that allow you to publish pages on a unique URL.

It is important to decide whether you want the external pages to be indexed by the search engines on your domain or the landing page builder’s domain.

Be sure to check robots.txt, canonical URLs, and sitemap on both your dating website and the landing page service. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us in the live chat.

Check out the following landing page builders: Tilda, InstaPage, Unbounce, GetResponse, and there are more.

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