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How do you handle project development?
How do you handle project development?
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We are always glad to help you put your project to life! Learn how we do it by reading the process steps below.

1. Statement of work.

The first step is composing the statement of work for the project that, besides the detailed description of the project and all the included functionality, will also include the description of the technical environment within which the correct work of the software will be provided for and tested. The composed statement of work will act as a strict framework for further development, and the project, if ordered, will be delivered in full accordance with it.

The first draft of the statement of work may be revised until the final version is accorded. The finalized work statement, if the project is to be put to production, is included in the custom development agreement as its integral part. After the custom development agreement is signed, all project-related changes/additions are formalized as an additional work statement.

2. Custom development agreement.

Having accorded and signed the statement of work, we prepare the custom development agreement with the cost breakdown sheet. The agreement contains all the functionality featured in the statement of work and overviews the breaking of the full project into phases. Each phase contains the detailed description of the works included into it as well we the delivery time frames.

Nota Bene: Should you wish to change/add any functionality after the beginning of the development process, all the changes/additions will be formalized in a new statement of work and included as a supplemental agreement to the main custom development agreement. The effect on the delivery time frames and total cost of the project will also be stated in the supplemental agreement.

Electronic versions of the custom development agreement, the statement of work, and the cost breakdown sheet are forwarded to you for reviewal and signing. The parties then exchange the scans of the last page with signatures, hard copies of the documents are sent to you upon request.

3. Payment.

The first part of the contractual payment is made upon singing the custom development agreement. The first payment equals in sum to the sub-total of the 1st development phase and is paid in full (100%). Further phases are developed on the same pre-paid basis. It is possible to place separate orders for each phase, regardless of how small it is, or order a few small-scaled at once in order to avoid stalling in the development process.

4. Development process.

The project is delivered phase by phase, which means you can see the first results of development within the delivery period of the 1st phase (which for the most project is usually within 1-2 business weeks). Each phase is tested by our in-house tester to ensure proper work in the stated environment and precision of the delivered work; afterwards, the phase is submitted to you for the final testing. The development progress is tracked by both parties via such instruments as Trello or Jira Cloud. Our company takes it upon ourselves to set up the instruments for work.

If you agree that the delivered work is made in conformity with the statement of work and the cost breakdown sheet, the transfer and acceptance act is signed for the phase. Acts are signed after delivering each phase before proceeding with the development of the next phase. Any bugs related to the phase, for which the transfer and acceptance act has already been signed, are still fixed in the course of work within the frames of technical support for the project. Works on the next phase can ONLY begin after the transfer and acceptance act has been signed for the previous phase.

5. Finishing the project.

Once the last phase has been delivered, tested, and signed for, we transfer the development to your website/server — the server has to meet the system requirements featured in the statement of work to ensure the proper functioning of the delivered product. After that, the final transfer and acceptance acts for the whole custom project are signed, and you receive access to the source code of the delivered product.

6. Warranty period.

Within 1 month after signing the final transfer and acceptance act we provide the technical support services with fixing bugs and errors that might be detected in the developed work.

If any additions/changes are requested, they are viewed as separate projects and are processed in the same manner (statement of work, custom development agreement, payment, delivery).

Warranty does not cover cases when:
– errors appear as a result of the code modifications being done by third-party developers;
– errors appear as a result of the technical environment, requested for proper work of the software, having been changed.

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