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What are the webmaster services?
What are the webmaster services?
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Webmaster services include:

  • Consultations in Skype;

  • Applying color schemes;

  • Uploading logotype;

  • Editing profile fields and other forms with built-in editors;

  • Posting pictures, videos, banners, text content to the website;

  • Managing integrated solutions by third-parties;

  • Solving hosting-related issues;

  • Overall site management using the built-in functionality;

  • Any other work that does not include creative efforts from designer and/or developer.

Please contact us in live chat for more information and the pricing details.

Note: Creative work by designer and web-developer, such as creating new banners, implementing unique design templates, changing code and database, is considered customization and is quoted extra. Please contact to receive a free quote.

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