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What is Dating Pro’s upgrade policy?
What is Dating Pro’s upgrade policy?
How to update dating website script to a newer version
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There are 2 ways one can upgrade a product license:

  1. by updating to a newer product version

  2. by upgrading to a superior license

1. Updating to a newer product version

It is a general rule that our customers are entitled to receive new versions of the PG Dating Pro software for free within 12 months after initial purchase.

In a year, the cost of the update is equal to the cost of the chosen license minus a 30% discount. It will not only give you the newest product version, but will prolong your right to receive free updates for one more year.

2. Upgrading to a superior license

If you wish to upgrade your product package to a more advanced one, for example, from Start to Pro, from Start to Advanced, or from Pro to Advanced, you can do so at any time by simply paying the difference in the cost of the two packages.

Please contact our Customer support team to learn how you can upgrade your product package and to find out the difference between Dating Pro’s product packages.

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