You can download all language files as an archive to do the translation offline or to order translation.

First of all, you will need to go to admin panel > Modules > Modules management (/admin/start/mod_login). It will require login and password that you can collect from file /application/config/install.php.

Once inside, go to Languages (/admin/install/langs) and click ‘Export’ to download the ZIP archive with the language files that you want to translate (Arabic).

Decompress the archive, then open lang_install > application > modules > module_name > langs > lang_code.
 Example: lang_install > application > modules > ausers > langs > ar.

Inside you will find PHP files that actually contain the words and phrases. Make sure that you only translate what comes after = ” (marked bold in the example below), no need to translate anything else.

$install_lang[“admin_menu_main_items_ausers_item”] = “Administrators“;
 $install_lang[“admin_menu_main_items_ausers_item_tooltip”] = “Site administrators“;

After you are done here, copy the application folder or its contents, whichever you find more convenient, onto your server and click update icon next to the translated language to apply the changes.

Go back to Content > Languages and activate the updated language here:

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