System : Social networks

Social networks will let you enable sign up/login with social network IDs as well as add sharing tools to different site pages.

Go to System > Social networks > Social networks (/admin/social_networking/services/) to enable login or widgets from popular social networks:

It is important that you activate the networks by inserting application keys and secrets before switching them on. Click Application button to get to edit the activation details:

To get these details you need to register as a developer of the corresponding social network and generate an application which in return will contain the necessary data.

This is the list of links to developer consoles:

Then, switch on the login and widgets options:

Please note that when you enable ‘login with service’ for the first time, you will be prompted to test it with your own social network details (e.g. your Facebook account). Your test login will have no effect on the user mode.

Enabled option will then look like this in the sign in/sign up form:

This is an example of sharing widgets on a site page:

Go to System > Social networks > Pages (/admin/social_networking/pages/) to select the widgets types and the pages they will be used on:

Click ‘Widgets’ and you will get to activate different available types of widgets on selected page:

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