Keep your dating site members informed with the News section of your website (/admin/news/index/). You can either post news manually or add RSS Feeds to grab news from other resources.

“News” tab shows all site news for all language interfaces. You can enable, disable, edit or remove news.

To add news manually, click ‘Add news article’, enter subject, keyword, annotation, content, attach photos and videos and click ‘Save’. You can post different articles for all site languages.

You can add individual SEO tags to each news article, as well as URL:

RSS feeds

“Feeds” tab shows the news feed links that you added. You can enable or disable a feed, and import news from this source.

Click ‘Add feed’, insert feed link, max number of imported news articles and select the language version.

News will be added by cron in the set period of time.

Settings tab is about some numerics and the RSS channel management:

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