Let your site members select their location by adding locations to your site manually or by using a ready database to install countries.

Locations settings are available in administrator panel > Content > Countries (/admin/countries/index):

Click ‘Add country’ to create a new country in case it is missed in the default list of countries.

Go to ‘Install’ to view the list of countries that can be activated (installed) on your website:

Countries are sorted by names in alphabetical order here. Go to ‘Install’ tab to get to the list of regions. You have a chance to only select the regions that you need, it can be of great use if you are targeting just one or two locations.

Click ‘Install selected’, and installation will begin:

To edit a country name and translate it into other site languages, click ‘Edit country’ next to its name in the list.

The same rule applies to regions and cities.

City editor allows you to indicate latitude and longitude, which can be of use for displaying member’s location on a map:

The Sorting mode will let you decide which of the countries to show on top of the location lists. Click ‘Sorting mode’, then use arrows to add or remove countries from the list. Click ‘View mode’ to get back to the regular view.

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