Payments : Access permissions

Access permissions can be applied to any site visitor and site member.

There are two modes of operation. Each mode takes unauthorized people (= site visitors or guests) into account. You can limit the number of profiles that guests will be able to see, or you can prohibit the action entirely as well.

As for the authorized users, you can go for the general mode where everyone is supposed to upgrade their membership in order to be allowed access to this or that site section. It can be one-on-one IM chat, mailbox, LikeMe game, or a list of potential best matches, and so on.

Or, you could go for the gender-based mode and distinguish between permissions for men and women or any other user types that you create.

You can create as many membership groups as you wish, decide on which activities to allow, then create activity periods for them and set prices. For example, 30 days access could cost $7 for Silver group and $15 for Premium group, and so on.

Please note that some permissions allow the use of additional parameters, such as the number of emails that one is allowed to send or read. If you put zero, it will mean unlimited access.

This is what the list of membership groups will look like in the user mode:

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